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Top 6 Reasons to Study in New Zealand | Recent updates

Top Reasons Why You Should Study in New Zealand

Ever thought about studying in a stunning country like New Zealand? Well if not, then give it a chance and we are sure that you won’t regret it. Unlike the UK or the USA, New Zealand has witnessed marvellous growth in the study visa applicants all around the world.

Almost 100,000 international students have chosen New Zealand as their favourite destination to study. Well, who doesn’t want to study in New Zealand?, after all this great progressive nation has all the 8 of its universities in the top QS rankings

If you want to study in a country i.e. best known for its exquisite beautiful landscapes and top quality of education than you are in the right place.

Before sharing the top reasons to study in New Zealand, let us check out some interesting facts about the land of Kiwis.

Quick facts about New Zealand

  • Most of the transactions are done through digital currency
  • Kiwi is a national symbol of New Zealand
  • New Zealand is one of the least corrupted nations according to the Corruptions Perception Index.
  • The land of Kiwi has very stunning landscapes and scenic beauty.
  • One-third of the country consists of protected parklands and marine reserves.
  • New Zealand has one of the best education systems in the world.

Why Study in New Zealand?

Above were some interesting facts about New Zealand, this country is known for its exquisite beauty and top-class universities surrounded. One can have complete peace of mind here, along with high-quality studies. So let’s discuss the top reasons to study in New Zealand.

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Top Class Educational Institutes

New Zealand offers one of the best environments and educational institutes to study. The country has a total of 8 universities funded by the state. It has 18 educational Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPS), institutes also offer professional degree level courses.

In addition, New Zealand also caters to Private Training Establishments (PTEs) more than 550+, these are the English language schools that offer vocational courses at the level of certificate and Diploma. The higher educational authorities of New Zealand regularly maintains the quality of these institutes.

You will be surprised to know that New Zealand is the only country in the world that has all the Universities ranked in the global top 500. This could also be one of the biggest reasons to study in New Zealand.

Variety of best programs & Courses

The courses and the programs in New Zealand are presented by state-funded universities and these educational institutes have to go through the stringent authority. As far as non- university education courses/ programs are concerned; they must be approved by the NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority).

NZQA is a govt organization which manages the quality control and also provides quality assurance. In short, you can only get study visa only if your course is approved by the NZQA.

List of top Degree courses to study in New Zealand

  1. MBA
  2. Master of Professional Accounting
  3. Engineering
  4. PG Diploma in Agricultural Science
  5. Master of Tourism

Lower Cost of Studying

The cost of studying in New Zealand is comparatively lower than the other countries in similar programs. FAIRFX currency exchange clearly mentioned in its research that tuition fee and cost of living for New Zealand is way cheaper than popular study abroad destinations.

In the entire northern hemisphere, it is only the New Zealand which offers world-class MBA program at a comparatively lesser price. Even international Ph.D. students have the same fees as of the domestic students of New Zealand.

Beautiful Campus with Natural Beauty

We all know New Zealand is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Those students who have studied in New Zealand cannot find words to describe its exquisite beauty.

This natural beauty is not limited up to any particular location; University campuses of New Zealand are equally marvellous. In short studying in New Zealand is like spending a great time on a long holiday vacation.

Large Scope of Job opportunities

New Zealand is one of the best countries in providing job opportunities along with world-class education. Chris Whelan, the executive director of Universities New Zealand states that 97% of the students got employed after their graduation, not only this but 90% of the student got their jobs in their relevant course profile. This clearly indicates the possibility of jobs and level of education delivered.

International students are authorized to work up to 20 hours a week while studying. During holiday vacations students are allowed to work up to 40 hours. So, you don’t have to worry about your expenses in New Zealand.

Spouse Visa opportunity for Students

Now, this is also a great reason to study in New Zealand for married students. A person studying in New Zealand can also bring his/her partner & child to the country via spouse visa. However, the person should be holding study visa for higher education of level 7 or pursuing higher qualification on the continuing skill shortage list or should be doing PG qualification for working in New Zealand.

Click here For more information about visa processing & requirements for study in New Zealand you can visit here.

Free Counselling

Globizz Overseas is among the top 31 Educational consultants of India, chosen by Education New Zealand and Globizz is now ENZRA (Education New Zealand Recognised Agents) member. As you all know trust factor is the most important thing in Immigration and you should avoid the fake promising agents.

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SDS Program Canada for India Rules & Benefits

SDS Program Canada for India

SDS Program Canada for India Rules & BenefitsAs we know the Canada govt has changed the study visa rules for the Indian applicants. The new Visa processing program named as Study Direct Stream (SDS) Program has replaced the previous SPP system. Under the SDS program Canada for India, there have been many modifications in the study visa process and documentation.

The main reason for adopting this new method is to increase the highly qualified of students as the minimum IELTS band score under SDS is higher.

Earlier there were only 47 SPP colleges throughout Canada which provided PGWP (post-graduate work permit) to the Indian Student. Since the number of Indian students is increasing every year, it was very difficult to get admission to the SPP colleges.

Fortunately, under SDS every college & University with DLI number is associated with the SDS program, so it means there is a wide opportunity for you to get admission to a variety of top Institutes and colleges of Canada.

SDS program Canada for India New Rules

  • The minimum IELTS band requirement under SDS is 6 in every module.
  • Direct medical examination before 1 week of the application submission.
  • Payment receipt of the tuition fees of 1 year must be shown by the student.
  •  1 Year GIC of $10000 must be bough to cover up the expenses of 1 year.
  • SDS program is an alternative of the SPP system in India.

Benefits of SDS Visa program for India

SDS visa category has opened up many benefits for the Indian students. Earlier there were only 47 SPP colleges that could provide AGWP to the students.

Since the number of students for SPP was increasing rapidly every year. According to SDS program, Canada for India, every college & institute with a unique DLI number comes directly under the SDS category. So, there is a vast possibility of getting more courses and admission to Canada.

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Here are some benefits of the SDS program:

  • Study direct stream (SDS) has fastened the study visa processing
  • Proper steady visa processing for all the SDS Institutes & Colleges
  • The Documentation process has been reduced due to the SDS program.
  • More options to choose the desired courses and colleges.
  • The best alternative of the previous SPP program.

There have been also changes in the requirements and processing for SDS program. As a certified study abroad consultancy Globizz Overseas suggests that you should look for experienced and reliable consultants, there are also many fraud agencies roaming around.

Globizz has a successful track record of assisting 10000+ study visa and tourist visa applicants.  For free counselling & guidance, you can contact Globizz, our study visa consultants will be happy to assist you.


List of SDS Colleges Canada with DLI Number & PGWP Status

List of Study Direct Stream (SDS) Colleges

List of SDS Colleges – With the new change in Study visa processing, the Canadian Govt has launched the Study Direct Stream (SDS) for the Indian Students. This programme is the replacement of Previous SPP programme and it is much faster to get the study visa Under SDS.

All the major institutions and Collages registered with DLI Number will be under the SDS visa programme, this gives more choice and benefits to the study visa applicant. Today we will share with you the list of Canadian Colleges under SDS and also check the post-graduate work permit status (PGWP).

There has been some change in requirement, documentation and processing of SDS visa for Indian students.

Province wise list of SDS colleges with DLI Number

Here is the complete list of colleges/institutions under the SDS Programme.

List of SDS colleges in Ontario

Name of InstitutionDLI NumberCityOffers PGWP
Upper Madison College of Advanced Language Learning and Skill DevelopmentO19529728922TorontoNo
Conrad Grebel University CollegeO19305471522WaterlooYes
FaithWay Baptist College of CanadaO256014050387AjaxYes
Algoma UniversityO19395422197BramptonYes
Algoma UniversityO19395422197TimminsYes
Algonquin CollegeO19358971022OttawaYes
Université d’Ottawa/University of OttawaO19397188593PembrokeYes
Université d’Ottawa/University of OttawaO19397188593OttawaYes
Algonquin CollegeO19358971022PembrokeYes
Algonquin CollegeO19358971022PerthYes
University of WaterlooO19305471522WaterlooYes
Redeemer University CollegeO19395677559AncasterYes
Centennial CollegeO19394700003TorontoYes
Canadore CollegeO19395535239North BayYes
Tyndale University College & SeminaryO19711152427TorontoYes
Loyalist CollegeO19359011572BancroftYes
Georgian CollegeO19395677361BarrieYes
Laurentian UniversityO19304259382BarrieYes
Conestoga CollegeO19376158572BrantfordYes
Nipissing UniversityO19395535971BrantfordYes
Wilfrid Laurier UniversityO19395164307BrantfordYes
Great Lakes Helicopter Corp.O19516933662BreslauYes
Waterloo Wellington Flight CentreO19333179582BreslauYes
St. Lawrence CollegeO19332845222BrockvilleYes
Spectrum AirwaysO117793705737BurlingtonYes
Brampton Flight CentreO19303958082CaledonYes
Laurentian UniversityO19304259382SudburyYes
Cambrian College of Applied Arts and TechnologyO19394699409BramptonYes
Cambrian College of Applied Arts and TechnologyO19394699409TorontoYes
Heritage College & SeminaryO110124108754CambridgeYes
Conestoga CollegeO19376158572CambridgeYes
La Cité collégialeO19395422135OttawaYes
York UniversityO19361109242TorontoYes
Collège BoréalO19395678039SudburyYes
La Cité collégialeO19395422135HawkesburyYes
Université de HearstO19395677925HearstYes
Collège BoréalO19395678039KapuskasingYes
Université de HearstO19395677925KapuskasingYes
Collège BoréalO19395678039Sturgeon FallsYes
Collège BoréalO19395678039New LiskeardYes
Collège BoréalO19395678039TimminsYes
Université de HearstO19395677925TimminsYes
Collège BoréalO19395678039TorontoYes
Collège BoréalO19395678039AlfredYes
La Cité collégialeO19395422135AlfredYes
University of GuelphO19305391192AlfredYes
Essential HelicoptersO212628957297North BayYes (details for Flight schools)
George Brown CollegeO19283850612TorontoYes
Collège BoréalO19395678039BarrieYes
Collège BoréalO19395678039HamiltonYes
Collège BoréalO19395678039LondonYes
Collège BoréalO19395678039NiagaraYes
Collège BoréalO19395678039WindsorYes
Fanshawe CollegeO19361039982LondonYes
Fleming CollegeO19303189722CobourgYes
Collège BoréalO19395678039HearstYes
Sault CollegeO19395677683SudburyYes
Sault CollegeO19395677683TorontoYes
St. Lawrence CollegeO19332845222CornwallYes
Sheridan CollegeO19385946782BramptonYes
Toronto Film SchoolO19396019511TorontoYes
McMaster UniversityO19395535729BurlingtonYes
Conestoga CollegeO19376158572KitchenerYes
McMaster UniversityO19395535729HamiltonYes
Confederation CollegeO19376986752DrydenYes
St. Philip’s Seminary / The Oratory of St. Philip Neri-TorontoO111916829547TorontoYes
Mohawk CollegeO19376045902HamiltonYes
Fleming CollegeO19303189722LindsayYes
Discovery Aviation AcademyO124449542367GarsonYes
Confederation CollegeO19376986752GeraldtonYes
Conestoga CollegeO19376158572GuelphYes
Northern CollegeO19315830082Temiskaming ShoresYes
Fleming CollegeO19303189722HaliburtonYes
Canadian Reformed Theological SeminaryO19395677259HamiltonYes
McMaster Divinity CollegeO19395535687HamiltonYes
Brock UniversityO19394569014HamiltonYes
Sheridan CollegeO19385946782MississaugaYes
University of WaterlooO19305471522KitchenerYes
Humber CollegeO19376943122TorontoYes
Conestoga CollegeO19376158572IngersollYes
Fanshawe College (James N. Allan Campus)O19361039982SimcoeYes
Seneca CollegeO19395536013TorontoYes
University of GuelphO19305391192KemptvilleYes
Seneca CollegeO19395536013King CityYes
Royal Military College of CanadaO19993856974KingstonYes
St. Lawrence CollegeO19332845222KingstonYes
Northern CollegeO19315830082Kirkland LakeYes
Emmanuel Bible CollegeO19556087182KitchenerYes
Wilfrid Laurier UniversityO19395164307KitchenerYes
Confederation CollegeO19376986752KenoraYes
Lambton CollegeO19305293332TorontoYes
Lambton CollegeO19305293332MississaugaYes
Laurentian UniversityO19304259382BrockvilleYes
Laurentian UniversityO19304259382CornwallYes
Laurentian UniversityO19304259382KingstonYes
FlyCanadian Inc.O111993251097LindsayYes
Brescia University CollegeO19331472822LondonYes
Diamond Flight Centre London Inc.O258211997542LondonYes
Huron University CollegeO19332573852LondonYes
King’s University CollegeO19376872842LondonYes
Niagara College CanadaO19396019469Niagara FallsYes
Algoma UniversityO19395422197Sault Ste. MarieYes
Brock UniversityO19394569014St. CatharinesYes
Cambrian College of Applied Arts and TechnologyO19394699409SudburyYes
Confederation CollegeO19376986752Thunder BayYes
Lakehead UniversityO19396019447Thunder BayYes
Lambton CollegeO19305293332SarniaYes
Loyalist CollegeO19359011572BellevilleYes
Queen’s UniversityO19376023352KingstonYes
Sault CollegeO19395677683Sault Ste. MarieYes
Trent UniversityO19395164223PeterboroughYes
University of GuelphO19305391192GuelphYes
Wilfrid Laurier UniversityO19395164307WaterlooYes
University of TorontoO19332746152TorontoYes
Toronto Airways Inc.O19304162252MarkhamYes
Seneca CollegeO19395536013MarkhamYes
University of WaterlooO19305471522TorontoYes
McMaster UniversityO19395535729KitchenerYes
Georgian CollegeO19395677361MidlandYes
University of TorontoO19332746152MississaugaYes
Canadore College at Stanford International College of Business and TechnologyO19395535239MississaugaYes
Mohawk CollegeO19376045902BrantfordYes
Georgian CollegeO19395677361BracebridgeYes
Nipissing UniversityO19395535971BracebridgeYes
McMaster UniversityO19395535729St. CatharinesYes
Niagara College CanadaO19396019469Niagara-On-The-LakeYes
Helicopters Canada Flight Training SchoolO19304016372North BayYes
Nipissing UniversityO19395535971North BayYes
Canadian Forces CollegeO19994256968North YorkYes
Laurentian UniversityO19304259382TimminsYes
Northern CollegeO19315830082ScarboroughYes
Sheridan CollegeO19385946782OakvilleYes
Six Nations PolytechnicO19395164991OhswekenYes
OCAD UniversityO19332928222TorontoYes
Humber CollegeO19376943122OrangevilleYes
Georgian CollegeO19395677361OrangevilleYes
Georgian CollegeO19395677361OrilliaYes
Lakehead UniversityO19396019447OrilliaYes
University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)O19315945002OshawaYes
Durham CollegeO19361081012OshawaYes
Carleton UniversityO19332687812OttawaYes
Dominican University CollegeO19361087792OttawaYes
Université Saint-Paul/St. Paul UniversityO19395164265OttawaYes
Georgian CollegeO19395677361Owen SoundYes
Fanshawe College (Oxford County Campus)O19361039982WoodstockYes
Master’s College and SeminaryO19395535645PeterboroughYes
Seneca CollegeO19395536013PeterboroughYes
Durham CollegeO19361081012PickeringYes
Queen’s UniversityO19376023352TorontoYes
Confederation CollegeO19376986752Fort FrancesYes
University of GuelphO19305391192RidgetownYes
Laurentian UniversityO19304259382Sault Ste. MarieYes
St. Augustine’s Seminary of TorontoO19361100382ScarboroughYes
Canadore College at Stanford International College of Business and TechnologyO19395535239ScarboroughYes
University of WaterlooO19305471522CambridgeYes
Georgian CollegeO19395677361South Georgian BayYes
Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary (Brock University)O19394569014St. CatharinesYes
St. Clair CollegeO19395083703WindsorYes
St. Clair College at Ace Acumen AcademyO19395083703TorontoYes
St. Lawrence CollegeO19332845222TorontoYes
Fanshawe CollegeO19361039982St. ThomasYes
St. Thomas Flight CentreO117758925477St.ThomasYes
Yorkville University/Toronto Film SchoolO19396019511ConcordYes
Mohawk CollegeO19376045902Stoney CreekYes
Stratford Air Services Ltd.O119062742467StratfordYes
Conestoga CollegeO19376158572StratfordYes
University of WaterlooO19305471522StratfordYes
Huntington University (Laurentian University)O19304259382SudburyYes
Thorneloe University (Laurentian University)O19304259382SudburyYes
University of Sudbury (Laurentian University)O19304259382SudburyYes
Cornwall Aviation (1979) Ltd.O19394924449SummerstownYes
Fleming CollegeO19303189722PeterboroughYes
St. Clair CollegeO19395083703ChathamYes
Western UniversityO19375892122LondonYes
Ner Israel Joseph (J.T.) Tanenbaum Yeshivah College of TorontoO116453040792ThornhillYes
Fanshawe CollegeO19361039982TillsonburgYes
Northern CollegeO19315830082South PorcupineYes
Canada Christian College & School of Graduate Theological StudiesO19857659067TorontoYes
Canadian College of Naturopathic MedicineO19305338292TorontoYes
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC)O19359174402TorontoYes (details for Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC))
Emmanuel College of Victoria UniversityO19359108312TorontoYes
Institute for Advanced Judaic StudiesO19361109472TorontoYes
Institute for Christian StudiesO19527186232TorontoYes
Knox CollegeO19859651317TorontoYes
Regis CollegeO19358972972TorontoYes
Ryerson UniversityO19395677651TorontoYes
The Michener Institute for Applied Health SciencesO19395677373TorontoYes
Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible CollegeO19332993322TorontoYes
University of St. Michael’s CollegeO19303916042TorontoYes
Victoria College in Victoria University (University of Toronto)O19332746152TorontoYes
Wycliffe CollegeO19572552822TorontoYes
St. Augustine’s Seminary of TorontoO19361100382TorontoYes
Canadore College at Stanford International College of Business and TechnologyO19395535239TorontoYes
Wilfrid Laurier UniversityO19395164307TorontoYes
Trent UniversityO19395164223OshawaYes
University of GuelphO19305391192TorontoYes
University of Trinity CollegeO211893245447TorontoYes
Renison University CollegeO19395281561WaterlooYes
St. Jerome’s University (University of Waterloo)O19305471522WaterlooYes
St. Paul’s University College (University of Waterloo)O19305471522WaterlooYes
Waterloo Lutheran Seminary (Wilfred Laurier University)O19395164307WaterlooYes
Conestoga CollegeO19376158572WaterlooYes
Niagara College CanadaO19396019469WellandYes
University of WaterlooO19305471522BreslauYes
Canadore College of Applied Arts and TechnologyO19395535239Parry SoundYes
Durham CollegeO19361081012WhitbyYes
University of WindsorO19358946722WindsorYes

list of SDS Colleges in British Columbia

Name of InstitutionDLI NumberCityOffers PGWP
AAA Aviation Flight AcademyO110735702489LangleyYes (details)
Acsenda School of ManagementO19278931852VancouverYes (details)
Adler UniversityO19394452198VancouverYes (details)
Alexander CollegeO19347185182Burnaby, VancouverASSociate of ARTS//Science
British Columbia Institute of TechnologyO19330128542Burnaby, North Vancouver, Richmond, VancouverYes
Camosun CollegeO19361235542VictoriaYes
Canadian Aviation CollegeO110027361097Pitt MeadowsYes (details)
Canadian Flight Centre (CFC)O110207076237Delta, KamloopsYes (details)
Capilano UniversityO19280078102North Vancouver, SecheltYes
Chinook HelicoptersO19280114462AbbotsfordYes (details)
City University of SeattleO19361040422Langford, VancouverYes (details)
Coastal Pacific AviationO19377035282AbbotsfordYes (details)
College of New CaledoniaO19360977332Burns Lake, Fort St. James, Fraser Lake, Mackenzie, Prince George, Quesnel, Vanderhoof, ValemountYes
College of the RockiesO19377233362Cranbrook, Creston, Fernie, Golden, Invermere, KimberleyYes
Columbia CollegeO19279591302VancouverASSociate of ARTS//Science
Coquitlam CollegeO19244321962CoquitlamASSociate of ARTS
Corpus Christi CollegeO19280180922VancouverYes (details)
Douglas CollegeO19360973702Coquitlam, New Westminster, SurreyYes
Emily Carr University of Art and DesignO19361259712VancouverYes
Fairleigh Dickinson University (Vancouver)O19227134842VancouverYes (details)
Fraser International CollegeO19239078442BurnabyYes (details)
Heli-College Canada Training Inc.O19279689162LangleyYes (details)
International Flight Centre Inc.O19395639399DeltaYes (details)
Island Coastal Aviation Inc.O110265135107Pitt MeadowsYes (details)
Justice Institute of British ColumbiaO19394941140New WestminsterYes
Kwantlen Polytechnic UniversityO19350676872Cloverdale, Langley, Richmond,SurreyYes
LaSalle CollegeO19275426742Kamloops, Vancouver, VictoriaBachelors of Scienc/Desing/gaming
Langara CollegeO19319074622VancouverYes
Langley Flying SchoolO19395299244LangleyYes (details)
Montair AviationO113462258677Pitt MeadowsYes (details)
New York Institute of TechnologyO19280365272VancouverMasters
Nicola Valley Institute of TechnologyO19395299432Burnaby, MerrittYes
North Island CollegeO19301182602Campbell River, Courtenay, Port Alberni, Port Hardy, UclueletYes
Northern Lights CollegeO19395299444Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Fort Nelson, Fort St John, Tumbler RidgeYes
Northwest Community CollegeO110095977911Haida Gwaii, Hazelton, Houston, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, Masset,  Queen Charlotte, Smithers, TerraceYes
Okanagan CollegeO19395299488Kelowna, Oliver, Penticton, Revelstoke, Salmon Arm, Summerland, VernonYes
Pacific Flying ClubO19274466542DeltaYes (details)
Pacific Rim Aviation AcademyO116542595727Pitt MeadowsYes (details)
Principal AirO246621852107AbbotsfordYes (details)
Professional Flight CentreO19238920192DeltaYes (details)
Quest University CanadaO19377267862Squamishbachelors of arts and science
Royal Roads UniversityO19330635812VictoriaYes
Sea Land Air Flight CentreO19394452152Delta, RichmondYes (details)
Selkirk CollegeO19360990072Castlegar, Grand Forks, Kaslo Centre, Nakusp, Nelson, TrailYes
Simon Fraser University (SFU)O18781994282Burnaby, Surrey, VancouverYes
SkyQuest Aviation Ltd.O19396094731LangleyYes (details)
Thompson Rivers UniversityO19395299610Kamloops, Williams LakeYes
Trinity Western UniversityO19347055392Langley, RichmondYes (details)
University Canada WestO19377235822VancouverYes (details)
University of British Columbia (UBC)O19330231062Kelowna, VancouverYes
University of Northern British ColumbiaO19283889692Fort St. John, Prince George, Quesnel, TerraceYes
University of VictoriaO19280533442VictoriaYes
University of the Fraser ValleyO19395299642Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, MissionYes
Vancouver Community CollegeO19279717512VancouverYes
Vancouver Island UniversityO19395299688Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville, Powell RiverYes
Victoria Flying ClubO19283898542VictoriaYes (details)
Yorkville UniversityO129034707957VancouverBBA

List of SDS Colleges in Alberta

Name of InstitutionDLI NumberCityOffer PGWP
Absolute AviationO134231224842WetaskiwinYes (details)
Alberta Bible CollegeO122912253227CalgaryYes
Alberta College of Art + DesignO18760756062CalgaryYes
Ambrose UniversityO18713147522CalgaryYes
Athabasca UniversityO19092373272AthabascaYes
Bow Valley CollegeO19273769422CalgaryYes
Burman UniversityO19390898172LacombeYes
Calgary Flight Training Centre (CFTC)O116654582557OldsYes (details for Flight schools)
Calgary Flying ClubO116455095420CalgaryYes (details for Flight schools)
Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary and CollegeO19256741082CochraneYes
Centennial Flight Centre, Inc.O111345518667Sturgeon CountyYes (details for Flight schools)
Concordia Lutheran SeminaryO110120786917EdmontonYes
Concordia University of EdmontonO19073475522EdmontonYes
Edmonton Flying ClubO246354917297Spruce GroveYes (details for Flight schools)
Grande Prairie Regional CollegeO19391056654Grand PrairieYes
Grant MacEwan UniversityO19092022262EdmontonYes
Keyano CollegeO19283886532Fort McMurrayYes
LR Helicopters Inc.O19257308652CalgaryYes (details for Flight schools)
Lakeland CollegeO18777577472LloydminsterYes
Lakeland CollegeO18777577472VermillionYes
Lethbridge CollegeO19391056756LethbridgeYes
Medicine Hat CollegeO18795445892BrooksYes
Medicine Hat CollegeO18795445892Medicine HatYes
Montair AviationO245553175217SpringbrookYes (details for Flight schools)
Mount Royal UniversityO18761482032CalgaryYes
NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)O18713200642CalgaryYes
NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)O18713200642EdmontonYes
NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)O18713200642St. AlbertYes
Newman Theological CollegeO19391057177EdmontonYes
NorQuest CollegeO18795996622Drayton ValleyYes
NorQuest CollegeO18795996622EdmontonYes
NorQuest CollegeO18795996622Stony PlainYes
NorQuest CollegeO18795996622WestlockYes
NorQuest CollegeO18795996622WetaskiwinYes
NorQuest CollegeO18795996622WhitecourtYes
Northern Lakes CollegeO19391056848GrouardYes
Olds CollegeO18713227822CalgaryYes
Olds CollegeO18713227822OldsYes
Portage CollegeO111010246767Lac La BicheYes
Prairie Bible InstituteO19273724652Three HillsYes
Red Deer CollegeO19391056880Red DeerYes
Rocky Mountain CollegeO19257272712CalgaryYes
Sky Wings Aviation AcademyO110116403397PenholdYes (details for Flight schools)
Solomon CollegeO110120953397EdmontonYes (details)
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT Polytechnic)O18761749692CalgaryYes
Springbank Air Training CollegeO19257198622CalgaryYes (details for Flight schools)
St. Mary’s UniversityO19273782872CalgaryYes
St. Stephen’s College (U of Alberta Campus)O19391057115EdmontonYes
Super T Aviation AcademyO110657012357Medicine HatYes (details for Flight schools)
Synergy Flight Training IncO120462423427Spruce GroveYes (details for Flight schools)
Taylor College and SeminaryO113098133037EdmontonYes
The King’s UniversityO18713250142EdmontonYes
University of AlbertaO19257171832CamroseYes
University of AlbertaO19257171832EdmontonYes
University of CalgaryO18886830282CalgaryYes
University of LethbridgeO18776949622CalgaryYes
University of LethbridgeO18776949622EdmontonYes
University of LethbridgeO18776949622LethbridgeYes
Vanguard CollegeO19283889212EdmontonYes

List of SDS Colleges in Manitoba

Name of InstitutionName of InstitutionCityCampusOffer PGWP
Assiniboine Community CollegeO19201282282BrandonBrandonYes
Booth University CollegeO19147992362WinnipegWinnipegYes
Brandon Flying ClubO110095820687BrandonBrandonYes (details for Flight schools)
Brandon UniversityO19201298932BrandonBrandonYes
Canadian Forces School of Aerospace StudiesO214392246052WinnipegWinnipegYes
Canadian Mennonite UniversityO19021102272WinnipegWinnipegYes
Harv’s Air ServiceO19361304312SteinbachSteinbachYes (details for Flight schools)
Interlake Aviation LtdO123065735047GimliGimliYes (details for Flight schools)
Louis Riel School Division Arts and Technology CentreO19708693987WinnipegWinnipegYes
Manitoba Institute of Trades and TechnologyO19391828428WinnipegWinnipegYes
Providence University College and Theological SeminaryO19021124362OtterburneOtterburneYes
Red River College (Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology)O19305836302WinnipegWinnipegYes
Steinbach Bible College (Steinbach Bible College Inc.)O19208275702SteinbachSteinbachYes
Université de Saint-BonifaceO19126670302WinnipegWinnipegYes
University College of the NorthO19283880122The PasThe PasYes
University of ManitobaO19091528512WinnipegWinnipegYes
University of WinnipegO19147986012WinnipegWinnipegYes
Winnipeg Aviation (Winnipeg Aviation (2003) Ltd.)O19370973922St. AndrewsSt. AndrewsYes (details for Flight schools)

List of SDS Colleges in Quebec

Name of InstitutionDLI NumberCityOffer PGWP
Académie de beauté Gordon-RobertsonO246872714018BeaconsfieldYes
Académie de l’entrepreneurship Québécois inc.O19338214982LongueuilDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Académie des pompiersO246874709166MirabelDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Académie du SavoirO123445819232QuébecDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Air RichelieuO212472259601LongeuilDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Atelier-école Les CèdresO246875390901Les CèdresYes
Aviron Québec Collège TechniqueO246875391161QuébecDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Biopterre – Centre de développement des bioproduitsO19359010254La PocatièreYes
Bishop’s UniversityO19359010995SherbrookeYes
CDE CollègeO19338281175SherbrookeDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Campus Notre-Dame-de-FoyO19358463051Saint-Augustin-de-DesmauresDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Cargair ltéeO117370284412LongueuilYes
Carrefour Formation Mauricie formation professionnelleO246875758063ShawiniganDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Cégep André-LaurendeauO19359201356MontréalYes
Cégep Beauce-AppalachesO19359201381Saint-GeorgesYes
Cégep Édouard MontpetitO19359201458LongueuilYes
Cégep François-Xavier GarneauO19359201499QuebecYes
Cégep Gérald-GodinO19359201525MontréalYes
Cégep John AbbottO19359201601Sainte-Anne-de-BellevueYes
Cégep LimoilouO19359201678QuebecYes
Cégep Lionel GroulxO19359201692Sainte-ThérèseYes
Cégep Marie-VictorinO19359201717MontréalYes
Cégep MontmorencyO19359201744LavalYes
Cégep Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuO19359201577Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuYes
Cégep de Baie-ComeauO19359201369Baie-ComeauYes
Cégep de Bois-de-BoulogneO19359201394MontréalYes
Cégep de ChicoutimiO19359201420SaguenayYes
Cégep de DrummondvilleO19359201445DrummondvilleYes
Cégep de Granby-Haute-YamaskaO19359201538GranbyYes
Cégep de JonquièreO19359201614SaguenayYes
Cégep de La PocatièreO19359201640La PocatièreYes
Cégep de Lévis-LauzonO19359201666LévisYes
Cégep de MaisonneuveO19359201705MontréalYes
Cégep de MataneO19359201731MataneYes
Cégep de RimouskiO19359201769RimouskiYes
Cégep de Rivière-du-LoupO19359201780Rivière-du-LoupYes
Cégep de RosemontO19359201793MontréalYes
Cégep de Saint-JérômeO19359201588Saint-JérômeYes
Cégep de Saint-LaurentO19359201653MontréalYes
Cégep de Sainte-FoyO19359201485QuebecYes
Cégep de Sept-ÎlesO19359201806Sept-ÎlesYes
Cégep de SherbrookeO19359201832SherbrookeYes
Cégep de Sorel-TracyO19359201845Sorel-TracyYes
Cégep de St-FélicienO19359201472Saint-FélicienYes
Cégep de St-HyacintheO19359201564Saint-HyacintheYes
Cégep de ThetfordO19359201858Thetford MinesYes
Cégep de Trois-RivièresO19359201871Trois-RivièresYes
Cégep de ValleyfieldO19359201884Salaberry-de-ValleyfieldYes
Cégep de VictoriavilleO19359201910VictoriavilleYes
Cégep de la Gaspésie et des ÎlesO19359201512MontréalYes
Cégep de la Gaspésie et des ÎlesO19359201512GaspéYes
Cégep de l’Abitibi-TémiscamingueO19359201318Rouyn-NorandaDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Cégep de l’OutaouaisO19359201757GatineauDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Cégep du Vieux MontréalO19359201923MontréalYes
Cégep d’AhuntsicO19359201331MontréalYes
Cégep régional de LanaudièreO19359201627RepentignyYes
Centre Frère-MoffetO246881964161Ville-MarieYes
Centre PACC-Formation professionnelleO246881964281LasalleYes
Centre Performance PlusO246881964299LachuteYes
Centre PolymétierO246881964314Rouyn-NorandaYes
Centre collégial de transfert de technologie en télécommunicationsO19359010266Trois-RivièresYes
Centre collégial de transfert technologique en optique-photonique OPTECHO19359010767La PocatièreYes
Centre de Formation professionnelle de LennoxvilleO246878951128SherbrookeDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de carrières Saint Pius XO246875758438MontréalYes
Centre de développement des compétences LaurierO246875965662LachuteYes
Centre de développement des compétences LaurierO246875965662LavalYes
Centre de développement des compétences LaurierO246875965662RepentignyYes
Centre de développement des compétences LaurierO246875965662Saint-EustacheYes
Centre de développement des composites du Québec (CDCQ)O19359010279Saint-JérômeYes
Centre de formation Compétence-de-la-Rive-Sud (FP)O246876616939La PrairieYes
Centre de formation Compétences-2000O246876617024LavalYes
Centre de formation HarricanaO246876985845AmosYes
Centre de formation Le ChantierO246876986019LavalYes
Centre de formation agricoleO246876616749Saint-AnselmeYes
Centre de formation agricole de MirabelO246876616844MirabelYes
Centre de formation continue PontiacO246876617355ShawvilleYes
Centre de formation continue de Val d’OrO246876617230Val-d’OrDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation des BâtisseursO246876617390Sainte-MarieYes
Centre de formation des Métiers de l’AcierO246876796895MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation des Nouvelles-TechnologiesO246876797012Sainte-ThérèseYes
Centre de formation du transport routier de Saint-JérômeO246876797059MirabelYes
Centre de formation en mécanique de véhicules lourdsO246876797184LévisYes
Centre de formation en métallurgie de LavalO246876797489LavalYes
Centre de formation en montage de lignesO246876985654LévisYes
Centre de formation en transport de CharlesbourgO246876985769QuébecYes
Centre de formation générale aux adultes – Campus de Brome-MissisquoiO246875391505CowansvilleDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation horticole de LavalO246876985953LavalYes
Centre de formation professionnelleO246877185664Havre-Saint-PierreYes
Centre de formation professionnelle (Paspébiac-Bonaventure)O246881575918BonaventureYes
Centre de formation professionnelle – Campus de Brome-MissisquoiO246877856021CowansvilleDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle – Édifice André-Jacob – Pavillon des Rives – Pavillon des BaiesO246880671219Baie-ComeauYes
Centre de formation professionnelle 24-JuinO246877185894SherbrookeYes
Centre de formation professionnelle A.-W.-GagnéO246877186029Sept-ÎlesYes
Centre de formation professionnelle ACCESSO246877185939Saint-LambertYes
Centre de formation professionnelle AlmaO246877185954AlmaYes
Centre de formation professionnelle AnchorO246877185969New CarlisleYes
Centre de formation professionnelle André-MorissetteO246877185984PlessisvilleYes
Centre de formation professionnelle AnjouO246877185999MontréalYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Antoine-de-Saint-ExupéryO246877186014MontréalYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Bel-AvenirO246877186054Trois-RivièresYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Bernard-GariépyO246877186069Sorel-TracyYes
Centre de formation professionnelle CSSMI-CSSWLO133891420452St-EustacheYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Calixa-LavalléeO246877855844MontréalYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Chanoine-Armand-RacicotO246877856046Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Charlotte-TasséO246877856101LongueuilYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Châteauguay ValleyO246877856207OrmstownYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Compétences OutaouaisO246877856332GatineauYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Daniel-JohnsonO246877856483MontréalYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Dolbeau-MistassiniO246879963223Dolbeau-MistassiniYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Gabriel-DionneO246881135144Côte-Nord-du-Golfe-du-Saint-LaurentYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Gabriel-RousseauO246881135199LévisYes
Centre de formation professionnelle HarringtonO246881135284Côte-Nord-du-Golfe-du-Saint-LaurentYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Jacques-RousseauO246881135379LongueuilYes
Centre de formation professionnelle JonquièreO246881135474SaguenayYes
Centre de formation professionnelle KegaskaO246881135519Côte-Nord-du-Golfe-du-Saint-LaurentYes
Centre de formation professionnelle La RelanceO246881325669ChandlerYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Lac-AbitibiO246881325644La SarreYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Laurier MacdonaldO246881325714Saint-LéonardYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Léonard-De VinciO246881326134MontréalYes
Centre de formation professionnelle L’EnvolO246881325929Carleton-sur-MerDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle L’OasisO246881326224SaguenayDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle Marcel-ProulxO246881326269DrummondvilleYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Marie-RolletO246881326354QuébecYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Marie-SarahO246881326409Côte-Nord-du-Golfe-du-Saint-LaurentYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Maurice-BarbeauO246881326524QuébecYes
Centre de formation professionnelle MecatinaO246881326561Gros-MécatinaYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Monseigneur-SchefferO246881575616Blanc-SablonYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Mountain RidgeO246881575631Bonne-EspéranceYes
Centre de formation professionnelle NetagamiouO246881575706Côte-Nord-du-Golfe-du-Saint-LaurentYes
Centre de formation professionnelle NovaO246881575851ChâteauguayYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Paul-Émile-DufresneO246881575933LavalYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Paul-Gérin-LajoieO246881575948Vaudreuil-DorionYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Paul-RousseauO246881575963DrummondvilleYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Pavillon-de-l’AvenirO246881575978Rivière-du-LoupYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Pierre-DupuyO246881576283LongueuilYes
Centre de formation professionnelle PontiacO246881576329Fort-CoulongeYes
Centre de formation professionnelle PozerO246881576429Saint-GeorgesYes
Centre de formation professionnelle QualitechO246881576464Trois-RivièresYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Relais de la Lièvre-SeigneurieO246881576479GatineauYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Sabtuan (Chisasibi – Coastal)O246881576524ChisasibiYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Sabtuan (Mistissini – Inland)O246881576599MistissiniDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle Saint-AugustineO246881963628Saint-AugustinYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Saint-BernardO246881963653Blanc-SablonYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Saint-JosephO246881963668L’Île-d’AnticostiYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Saint-LawrenceO246881963703Gros-MécatinaYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Saint-PaulO246881963738Bonne-EspéranceYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Saint-TheresaO246881963773Blanc-SablonYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Samuel-De ChamplainO246881963788QuébecYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Val-d’OrO246881963863Val-d’OrYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Vision 20 20O246881963878VictoriavilleYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Vision-AvenirO246881963906GatineauYes
Centre de formation professionnelle West-IslandO246881963941PierrefondsYes
Centre de formation professionnelle Wilbrod-BhererO246881963956QuébecYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de Black LakeO246877856588Thetford MinesYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de CharlevoixO246878245753La MalbaieYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de Coaticook (CRIFA)O246878245788CoaticookYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de FierbourgO246882793368QuébecYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de ForestvilleO246878245833ForestvilleYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de Grosse-ÎleO246878245849Grosse-ÎleYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de Kuujjuaq KajusivikO246878245974KuujjuaqYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de La Côte-de-GaspéO246878732150GaspéYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de La Haute-GaspésieO246878826695Sainte-Anne-des-MontsYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de LachineO246878246175MontréalYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de LévisO246878951409LévisYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de LimoilouO246878951444QuébecYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de ManiwakiO246878951515ManiwakiYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de MataneO246878951530MataneYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de MemphrémagogO246878951575MagogYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de Mont-Joli-MitisO246879455601Mont-JoliYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de Mont-LaurierO246879455636Mont-LaurierYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de NeufchâtelO246879455671QuébecYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de NicoletO246879455706NicoletYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de Northern LightsO246879455741Sept-ÎlesYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de PortneufO246879455796DonnaconaYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de QuébecO246879456223QuébecYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de Rimouski-NeigetteO246879456298RimouskiYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de Roberval-Saint-FélicienO246879456320RobervalYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de VerdunO246879963118MontréalYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de WakehamO246879963143GaspéYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de WaswanipiO246879963158WaswanipiYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de la Baie-JamesO246878246010ChibougamauYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de la Pointe-du-LacO246878826993Salaberry-de-ValleyfieldYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de la Vallée-de-la-GatineauO246878950798ManiwakiYes
Centre de formation professionnelle de l’AsbesterieO246878827298AsbestosDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle de l’EnvoléeO246878951383MontmagnyDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle de l’OutaouaisO246878951490GatineauDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle de l’automobileO246878827593Sainte-ThérèseDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle des CarrefoursO246881964406MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle des ÎlesO246879456385Les Îles-de-la-MadeleineYes
Centre de formation professionnelle des MoissonsO246879456545BeauharnoisYes
Centre de formation professionnelle des MoulinsO246879962730TerrebonneYes
Centre de formation professionnelle des PatriotesO246879962865Sainte-JulieYes
Centre de formation professionnelle des RiverainsO246879962890RepentignyYes
Centre de formation professionnelle des Sommets / L’HorizonO246879963015Sainte-Agathe-des-MontsDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle des SourcesO246879963103MontréalYes
Centre de formation professionnelle des métiers de la santéO246879456490KirklandYes
Centre de formation professionnelle du FjordO246879963248SaguenayYes
Centre de formation professionnelle du Fleuve-et-des-LacsO246880670744Témiscouata-sur-le-LacYes
Centre de formation professionnelle du Haut-Saint-FrançoisO246880670789East AngusYes
Centre de formation professionnelle du Nunavik Nunavimmi PigiursavikO246880670984InukjuakDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle d’AmquiO246877856427AmquiDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle d’électrolyse et d’esthétiqueO246878950923LongueuilDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle en équipement motoriséO246881134904SaguenayYes
Centre de formation professionnelle en foresterie de l’Est-du-QuébecO246881135039CausapscalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre de formation professionnelle le GranitO246881325759Lac-MéganticYes
Centre de formation professionnelle le TremplinO246881326169Thetford MinesYes
Centre de formation professionnelle pour Autochtones dans les métiers de la constructionO246881576414MontréalYes
Centre de formation professionnelle, l’ÉmergenceO246881325824Deux-MontagnesYes
Centre de formation professsionnelle Eastern QuébecO246881963981QuébecYes
Centre de géomatique du Québec inc.O19359010342SaguenayYes
Centre de métallurgie du QuébecO19359010433Trois-RivièresYes
Centre de production automatisée (CPA)O19359010467SaguenayYes
Centre de productique intégrée du Québec inc.O19359010480SherbrookeYes
Centre de recherche pour l’inclusion scolaire et professionnelle des étudiants en situation de handicapO19359010846MontréalYes
Centre de robotique et de vision industrielles inc.O19359010493LévisYes
Centre de solutions technologiques en orthèses et prothèses (CSTOP)O19359010505QuebecYes
Centre de technologie RosemontO246881964051MontréalYes
Centre de technologie minérale et de plasturgie inc.O19359010544Thetford MinesYes
Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle, centre J-E. SimardO19359010582Sorel-TracyYes
Centre des Carrières Western QuébecO246881964021GatineauYes
Centre des services aux entreprisesO246881964036AlmaYes
Centre des technologies de l’eauO19359010728MontréalYes
Centre d’éducation aux adultes et communautaire HuntingdonO246876157216HuntingdonDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre d’éducation des adultes de l’Accore (FP)O246876157481ChâteauguayDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre d’éducation des adultes du Goéland (FP)O246876401906La PrairieDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre d’éducation professionnelle de ListugujO246876402140Pointe-à-la-CroixDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre d’éducation professionnelle de New RichmondO246876402513New RichmondDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre d’électrotechnologie PearsonO246881963996LachineDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre d’enseignement et de recherche en foresterie de Ste-Foy inc.O19359010316QuebecDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Centre d’étude en responsabilité sociale et écocitoyenneté (CÉRSÉ)O19359010329MontréalYes
Centre d’études commerciales ShaddO246881964066MontréalYes
Centre d’études en procédés chimiques du Québec (CÉPROCQ)O19359010304MontréalYes
Centre d’études professionnellesO246881964131Saint-JérômeYes
Centre d’excellence en formation industrielleO246881964146WindsorYes
Centre d’expérimentation et de développement en forêt boréale (CEDFOB)O19359010291Baie-ComeauYes
Centre d’initiation à la recherche et d’aide au développement durable (CIRADD)O19359010407Carleton-sur-MerYes
Centre d’innovation en microélectronique du Québec (CIMEQ)O19359010355Sainte-ThérèseYes
Centre d’innovation sociale en agricultureO19359010420VictoriavilleYes
Centre en imagerie numérique et médias interactifs (CIMMI)O19359010368QuebecYes
Centre intégré de mécanique industrielle de la ChaudièreO246881964191Saint-GeorgesYes
Centre intégré de mécanique, de métallurgie et d’électricité (CIMME)O246881964176MontréalYes
Centre l’EnvolO246881964206TémiscamingYes
Centre multiservice des SamaresO246881964251JolietteYes
Centre national de conduite d’engins de chantierO246881964266LévisYes
Centre national en électrochimie et en technologies environnementales inc.O19359010454ShawiniganYes
Centre régional de formation à distance du Grand-MontréalO246881964329MontréalYes
Centre régional intégré de formationO246881964344GranbyYes
Centre sectoriel des plastiquesO246881964359Saint-Damien-de-BucklandYes
Centre technologique des résidus industrielsO19359010556Rouyn-NorandaYes
Centre technologique en aérospatiale C.T.A.O19359010530Saint-HubertYes
Champlain Regional CollegeO19359201407SherbrookeYes
Cintech agroalimentaireO19359010381Saint-HyacintheYes
Collège André-Grasset (1973) inc.O19358462872MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège April-Fortier inc.O19338280902MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège Bart (1975)O19358462886QuebecDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège CDI Administration – Technologie – Santé/CDI College Business – Technology – Health CareO19338326485MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège CDI Administration. Technologie. SantéO246881964376MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège CDI Administration. Technologie. SantéO246881964376QuébecDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège CDI Administration. Technologie. SantéO246881964376LavalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège Canada inc.O19338447695MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège CentennaleO19358462907MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège DawsonO19359201433MontréalYes
Collège Eid Air AviationO252894807712BromontDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège EllisO19358462920DrummondvilleDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège EllisO19358462934Trois-RivièresDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège GreystoneO256818010442MontréalYes
Collège HéritageO19359201551GatineauYes
Collège HerzingO246881964479MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège Herzing / Herzing CollegeO19338389261MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège Inter-DecO19338389324MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège International des MarcellinesO19358462947WestmountDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège Jean-de-BrébeufO19358462960MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège La CabrioleO19338389650Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège LaSalleO19358462986MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège LaflècheO19358462973Trois-RivièresDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège MarianopolisO19358463012WestmountDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège MériciO19358463025QuebecDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège MultiHexa Saguenay/Lac Saint-JeanO19338390153SaguenayDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège O’Sullivan de Montréal inc.O19358463079MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège O’Sullivan de Québec inc.O19358463092QuebecDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège Salette inc.O19338447234MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège ShawiniganO19359201819ShawiniganYes
Collège St-MichelO19338447708MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège Stanislas inc.O19358463131MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège Supérieur de Montréal (C.S.M.) inc.O246881964554MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège TAVO19358463154MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège UniverselO19358463105GatineauDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège de comptabilité et de secrétariat du Québec, campus de Longueuil inc.O246881964391LongueuilDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège de comptabilité et de secrétariat du Québec, campus de Sherbrooke inc.O246881964451SherbrookeDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège de comptabilité et de secrétariat du Québec, campus de Sherbrooke inc.O246881964451DrummondvilleDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège de gestion, technologie et santé MatrixO242715034170MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège de l’immobilier du QuébecO19338389347MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège de photographie MarsanO19338390167MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège d’AlmaO19359201344AlmaDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège d’aéronautiqueO130335902202MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège d’enseignement en immobilier inc.O19338359428MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège international Marie de FranceO19358463038MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège radio télévision de Québec inc.O19338390190QuebecDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collège technique de Montréal inc.O19338447257Mont-RoyalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Collégial international Sainte-AnneO19358463118MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Concordia UniversityO19359011007MontréalYes
Conseil de l’Éducation du Lac-SimonO246881964594Lac-SimonDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Conservatoire LassalleO19358462999MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Conservatoire de musique de GatineauO19359010871GatineauYes
Conservatoire de musique de MontréalO19359010884MontréalYes
Conservatoire de musique de QuébecO19359010897QuebecYes
Conservatoire de musique de RimouskiO19359010910RimouskiYes
Conservatoire de musique de SaguenayO19359010858SaguenayYes
Conservatoire de musique de Trois-RivièresO19359010924Trois-RivièresYes
Conservatoire de musique de Val-d’OrO19359010937Val-d’OrYes
Corporation du service de recherche et d’expertise en transformation des produits forestiers de l’Est-du-Québec.O19359010795AmquiYes
ÉCOBES Recherche et transfertO19359010608SaguenayYes
EQMBO-Entreprises Centre d’aide technique et technologique inc.O19359010595VictoriavilleYes
École Manikanetish du conseil des Montagnais de Sept-Îles et MaliotenamO246882793194Sept-ÎlesYes
École Nationale du meuble et de l’ébénisterieO246882793254VictoriavilleYes
École Polymécanique de LavalO246882793269LavalYes
École Polytechnique de MontréalO19359011070MontréalYes
École de cirque de QuébecO213292196501QuebecDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École de cirque de VerdunO213292628276VerdunDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École de danse contemporaine de MontréalO19338447720MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École de danse de QuébecO19338447270QuebecDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École de foresterie et de technologie du bois de DuchesnayO246882792619Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-CartierYes
École de formation professionnelle de Châteauguay (FP)O246882792634ChâteauguayYes
École de musique Vincent d’IndyO19358463167MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École de pilotage Saint-Hubert inc.O247982768002LongueuilDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École de sténographie judiciaire du QuébecO19358463193MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École de technologie gazièreO246882793044BouchervilleDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École de technologie supérieureO19359201210MontréalYes
École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal (HEC Montréal)O19359011058MontréalYes
École des entrepreneursO127382560275MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École des métiers de la construction de MontréalO246882792669MontréalYes
École des métiers de la restauration et du tourisme de MontréalO246882792779MontréalYes
École des métiers de l’aérospatiale de MontréalO246882792764MontréalYes
École des métiers de l’équipement motorisé de MontréalO246882792804MontréalYes
École des métiers de l’horticulture de MontréalO246882792829MontréalYes
École des métiers de l’informatique, du commerce et de l’administration de Montréal (ÉMICA)O246882792844MontréalYes
École des métiers des Faubourgs-de-MontréalO246882792929MontréalYes
École des métiers du Sud-Ouest-de-MontréalO246882792959MontréalYes
École des métiers du meuble de MontréalO246882792944MontréalYes
École des métiers et occupations de l’industrie de la construction de QuébecO246882792994QuébecYes
École des pêches et de l’aquaculture du QuébecO246882793009Grande-RivièreYes
École du Barreau du QuébecO112575462911GatineauDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École du Barreau du QuébecO112575462911MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École du Barreau du QuébecO112575462911QuebecDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École du Barreau du QuébecO112575462911SherbrookeDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École du Routier G.C. inc.O246882793069Trois-RivièresDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École du Routier G.C. inc.O246882793069DrummondvilleDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École du show-businessO19338447320MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École forestière de La Tuque – Formation professionnelleO246882793094La TuqueYes
École hôtelière de LavalO246882793144LavalYes
École hôtelière de la CapitaleO246882793109QuébecYes
École hôtelière des LaurentidesO246882793159Sainte-AdèleYes
École nationale de camionnage et équipement lourd (E.N.C.E.L.)O246882793219QuébecDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École nationale de camionnage et équipement lourd (E.N.C.E.L.)O246882793219TerrebonneDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École nationale de camionnage et équipement lourd (E.N.C.E.L.)O246882793219Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École nationale de cirqueO19358463180MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École nationale de l’humourO19338447284MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École nationale de théâtre du CanadaO19338447307MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
École nationale d’administration publiqueO19359011197QuebecYes
École professionnelle de Saint-HyacintheO246882793284Saint-HyacintheYes
École professionnelle des MétiersO246882793299Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuYes
École secondaire Kassinu MamuO246882793324MashteuiatshYes
École secondaire MikisiwO246882793339ObedjiwanYes
École supérieure de ballet du QuébecO213292432416MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Extra Centre de FormationO246882793353BouchervilleDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Faculté de Théologie Évangélique de l’Université AcadiaO253199102048MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Groupe CTT inc.O19359010569Saint-HyacintheYes
HélicraftO120206253925Saint-HubertDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
IPIQ – Institut de protection contre les incendies du QuébecO246882793428LavalYes
Innofibre – Centre d’innovation des produits cellulosiquesO19359010394Trois-RivièresYes
Innovation maritimeO19359010660RimouskiYes
Institut TeccartO246882793398MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Institut Teccart (2003)O19359010205MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Institut Trebas Québec Inc.O19338447392MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Institut de formation théologique de MontréalO19359201258MontréalYes
Institut de recherche sur l’intégration professionnelle des immigrants (IRIPI)O19359010677MontréalYes
Institut de technologie agroalimentaireO19359010950La PocatièreYes
Institut de technologie agroalimentaireO19359010967Saint-HyacintheYes
Institut de technologie des emballages et du génie alimentaire (ITEGA)O19359010703MontréalYes
Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du QuébecO110173474479MontréalYes
Institut des communications graphiques et de l’imprimabilitéO19359010634MontréalYes
Institut du transport avancé du QuébecO19359010690Saint-JérômeYes
Institut d’enregistrement du CanadaO19338447366MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Institut international de logistique de Montréal (IILM)O19359010647MontréalYes
Institut national de la recherche scientifiqueO19359011185QuebecYes
Institut national de l’image et du son (INIS)O213292196972MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Institut supérieur d’informatique I.S.I.O19338447379MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Institut technique Aviron de Montréal inc.O246882793413Mont-RoyalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Institut technologique de maintenance industrielleO19359010715Sept-ÎlesYes
Isart Digital MontréalO112216989861MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Kanatamat TshitipenitamunuO246882793443ScheffervilleYes
Lachute AviationO11003283266LachuteDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
L’École du routier professionnel du Québec (1996) inc.O246882793458MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
MÉCANIUM inc.O19359010741Saint-GeorgesYes
Maison familiale rurale du GranitO246882793473Saint-RomainYes
McGill UniversityO19359011033MontréalYes
McGill UniversityO19359010982Sainte-Anne-de-BellevueYes
Merinov (CCTT des pêches)O19359010621GaspéYes
Montreal College of Information TechnologyO19338447682MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Musitechnic FormationO19338447415MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Oleotek inc.O19359010754Thetford MinesYes
Ordre des comptables professionnels agréésO112575462931MontréalYes
Passport HélicoO128269263186MascoucheDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Royal Military College Saint-JeanO19993116991Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuYes
Rubika, école supérieure de création numérique appliquée à l’animation, au design et au jeu vidéo inc.O254893616833MontréalYes
Select AviationO127380461633DrummondvilleDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Séminaire de SherbrookeO19359010218SherbrookeDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
Solutions NovikaO19359010517La PocatièreYes
Syn StudioO242715034057MontréalDetails for Graduates of certain Quebec schools
TechnoCentre éolien Gaspésie, les ÎlesO19359010834GaspéYes
TransBIOTech Centre de recherche et de transfert en biotechnologieO19359010808LévisYes
Université LavalO19359011020QuebecYes
Université de MontréalO19359011045MontréalYes
Université de SherbrookeO19359011083SherbrookeYes
Université du QuébecO19359011096QuebecYes
Université du Québec à ChicoutimiO19359011122SaguenayYes
Université du Québec à MontréalO19359011134MontréalYes
Université du Québec à RimouskiO19359011159RimouskiYes
Université du Québec à Trois-RivièresO19359011172Trois-RivièresYes
Université du Québec en Abitibi-TémiscamingueO19359011109Rouyn-NorandaYes
Université du Québec en Outaouais Pavillon Alexandre-TachéO19359011146GatineauYes
VESTECHPRO Centre de recherche et d’innovation en habillementO19359010821MontréalYes
Vanier CollegeO19359201897MontréalYes

List of SDS colleges in Sakswatchen

Name of InstitutionName of InstitutionCityOffer PGWP
Briercrest College and SeminaryO19425193620CaronportYes
Collège MathieuO242735687677GravelbourgYes
College of Emmanuel and St ChadO122051172047SaskatoonYes
Cumberland CollegeO117018032957NipawinYes
Cumberland CollegeO117018032957MelfortYes
Cumberland CollegeO117018032957TisdaleYes
Great Plains CollegeO214383061827Swift CurrentYes
Horizon College and Seminary Inc.O214426376877SaskatoonYes
Lutheran Theological SeminaryO213779356297SaskatoonYes
Millennium AviationO248070508887SaskatoonYes (details for Flight schools)
Mitchinson Flying ServiceO212534589967SaskatoonYes (details for Flight schools)
Parkland CollegeO19425521569YorktonYes
Regina Flying ClubO119370011347ReginaYes (details for Flight schools)
Saskatchewan PolytechnicO19425521849Moose JawYes
Saskatchewan PolytechnicO19425521849Prince AlbertYes
Saskatchewan PolytechnicO19425521849ReginaYes
Saskatchewan PolytechnicO19425521849SaskatoonYes
St. Andrew’s CollegeO212421811707SaskatoonYes
St. Peter’s CollegeO115221677157MuensterYes
University of Regina, including Campion College, First Nations University of Canada and Luther CollegeO19425660270ReginaYes
University of Saskatchewan, including St. Thomas More CollegeO19425660421SaskatoonYes

So these were the province wise List of SDS Colleges & Institute Canada for Indian students. Globizz Overseas is always there for help, for free Guidance and counselling, you can contact Globizz or you can Live chat with our experienced counsellors.

*The above data has been taken from the official website of CIC , you can also crosscheck the data from the official site for further verification.


Study Direct Stream (SDS visa) Canada | New Study visa Rules for India

Latest Student Visa Rules for Canada-Study direct stream (SDS) Program

Study Direct Stream (SDS) – Finally, in Canada, the Student Direct Stream (SDS) is launched for the students of India, China, Vietnam & Phillippines. The Student Direct Stream (SDS) Program is a substitute of SPP system for the Indian students and it is made to boost up the study visa processing, students under SDS will now have more choices of courses & college selection.

The SDS Program mainly cooperates with the Scotia bank, one of the leading Canadian monetary organization. Scotia bank will also provide qualified students with an opportunity to buy a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10000, which will cover up the one-year expenses of the student and also fulfil the requirement of SDS program.

Now, all the Canadian Colleges and Institutes with registered DLI Number are under the SDS visa programme. This will fasten up the Study Visa permit process of Canada for the Indian Students.

the numbers of Indian student visa applicants for Canada are increasing rapidly every year. Many bright students didn’t get a chance to join the best Universities and Colleges of Canada because of the less number of seat in particular courses.

The majority of Indian students wanted to study under SPP colleges which were only 47 and seats were also very limited.

SDS is launched on a purpose of providing good quality of education to the most deserving and eligible students. The study direct Stream program will fasten up the visa processing time for the study visa applicants in India

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Change of study visa rules under SDS

The most important change that will take place due to SDS visa system is that the numbers of IELTS band score will be increasing from 5.5 each to 6.0 each for both postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

It has been seen many times that Canadian SPP Colleges have received the visa applications of the students over their capacity in recent past intakes.

 Turnaround period for the offer letter has also increased from 2 weeks to 6-8 weeks. The main cause for the implementation of SDS visa system is that there were only 47 SPP Colleges in Canada and most of the Indian students prefer to study at one of them.

Not only for excellent education but also for smooth visa processing and optimistic visa results. Now, under SDS visa program almost all the colleges and Institutes with registered DLI number comes under the SDS visa, this will give a lot of choices to the Indian students. Here is the latest list of SDS colleges in Canada.

Features and Rules of SDS program Canada for India

As per the new rules, SDS program has some special conditions and rules for the Indian Students which are as follows:

  • Now, the minimum requirement of the IELTS band is 6 in each module.
  • A requirement of candid medical examination at least before 1 week of the application submission.
  • SDS program is launched with the help of the Scotia bank.
  • Study direct streamline has fastened up the process of study visa for Indian Students.
  • Systematically visa processing for all SDS colleges & institutions.
  • 1-year payment receipt of the tuition fees must be shown by the students.
  • Less Documentation process is needed under the SDS program.
  •  Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10000 from Scotia bank must be bought, it will cover all the living expenses of the student for one year.
  • SDS program of CIC will act as an alternative of SPP in India.

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SDS Visa Processing & Requirments for Indian Students

As per the Govt of Canada, there have been some changes in the requirements and visa processing under the SDS programme.

So, the following are the SDS visa processing and Requirments for Indian Students:

  1. Minimum IELTS Score for SDS Visa must be 6 bands in each module for UG & PG courses.
  2. Full tuition fees for the first year should be paid in an advance.
  3. College and Institutions must have a registered Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) number.
  4. A Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)  of $10000 will be mandatory to buy.

Documents Required for SDS visa application

You must include these documents with your application:

  1. Copy of your acceptance letter from a designated learning institution
  2. Copy of your upfront medical exam confirmation document
  3. Proof that you have a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000
  4. Proof that you’ve paid the tuition fees for your first year of study
  5. Proof that you graduated from a Canadian curriculum high school or a language test form showing a score of at least 6 for English (IELTS).

SDS visa program guidance

As a leading study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh, Globizz Overseas is here to guide you all the steps and documentation process of SDS programme.

Students are advised not to panic, but seek visa guidance from the Authorized certified study visa consultants like Globizz Overseas. Do not get fooled with wrong information by unauthorized consultants.

Advantages of Student Direct Stream (SDS) Program

  • Smoother visa process for all SDS entitled institutions.
  • Less monetary documentation.
  • Faster visa processing time.

According to Ambassador John Holmes of Canada:

There are many advantages to studying in Canada, including world-class institutions, lower costs and a safe and healthy environment for students.

Under SDS visa program, the student will get more choice of universities and Institutions, earlier there were only 47 SPP colleges and others were private Institutes. Now all of the major colleges/institutes are under the SDS visa Category, it means more choices and faster chances of Study Visa.

Free Guidance by Globizz Overseas

Team Globizz is always for your help and support.

If your application is complete, we can start reviewing it right away.

If your application meets the regular study permit criteria but not the Student Direct Stream criteria, we’ll review your application as a regular study permit.

We are a team of certified experienced study visa and tourist visa consultants.

Our team have already assisted 10000+ applicants successfully. You can also put your query in our contact form or you can also live chat with our experienced study visa Consultants.

Contact us for free counseling and SDS Visa Counselling.

Mobile/Whatsapp: +9198155 19600


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Canada student visa

Canada Student Visa Permit Documentation & requirements for Indians

Canada Student Visa Permit Documentation Requirements for Indians

Canada Student Visa Permit Documentation – The Canadian Govt. is increasing its efforts to bring more Indian students who have good academics & ILETs score. If you are willing to apply for study visa in Canada, you must know about the basic requirements for study visa in Canada. The Indian population in Canada is more than 1 million and every year the number of Indian students is also increasing in Canadian Colleges & Universities.

Canada is a multicultural country with a welcoming attitude towards Indian immigrants. Also, it is one of the best destinations of International students across the world.

The educational institutes offer multiple courses such as Certificates, Diploma, Bachelor Degree`s, Post Graduate Diploma & Masters Degree. So, before moving any further let’s discuss the important checklists and requirements for study visa in Canada.

Minimum IELTS Score for a Study permit in Canada

This is the most frequently asked question “what is the minimum IELTS score for Canada?”  Well according to our expert counsellors here is the answer.

“In order to obtain a student visa for any overseas country like Canada, Australia, US, UK and New Zealand etc, you must score at least 5.5 bands in all of the four segments. The minimum score of over 6.0 for the undergraduate courses as a whole.

As far as the Graduate courses are concerned the score can reach up to 6.5 and more with the minimum score of 6.0 in every four tests of ILETS.  “

Meaning of every IELTS Score:

Band Score         Skill Level

9                              Expert User

8                              Very Good User

7                              Good User

6                              Competent User

5                              Modest User

4                              Limited User

3                              Extremely Limited User

2                              Intermittent User

1                              Non-User

0                              Did Not Attempt The Test

Documents required for the Study Visa in Canada

Although the need for document set varies from country to country, here we will discuss some of the mandatory documents. Without wasting any time this is the list of basic documents which are required for the education visa in Canada.

  • Passport
  • Passport-size photographs
  • letter of acceptance (unconditional)
  • Fees receipt
  • Scholarship letter (if applicable)
  • Any relevant correspondence
  • Financial documents
  • Academic documents
  • IELTS scores
  • Work experience certificates (if applicable)
  • Medical report

This documentation process can be a very complex procedure and without the guidance of a certified study visa consultant. it’s very difficult to complete it on time.

Step by step study Visa Process for Canada

Here is the complete process for study visa in Canada from India. You must follow every step in order to obtain your study visa. Canada has more than 90 universities, 150 colleges and technical institutes to prefer. They feature every programme that you dreamt of, but first, let’s see the process. According to expert counsellors of Globizz Overseas here are the few essential immigration processing steps:

  • Obtain Latter of Acceptance ( Offer Latter)
  • Pay tuition Fees to the education provider
  • Purchase of Guaranteed Investment Certificate
  • Visa Lodgment
  • Visa Outcome

These steps are the important steps for applying the education visa to Canada; For more information watch this video below:

How will Globizz help you in getting the study Visa?

We are one of the leading tourist & study visa Consultants in India, based in Chandigarh, Patiala andKarnal. At Globizz we have a team of experienced counsellors and visa experts who have assisted 10000+ successful applicants. We also provide visitor visa for Canada so that you can meet your loved ones in abroad.

  • Free Counselling Session, both telephonic and in Person.
  • Help in choosing the right college, related to your course selection.
  • Tracking the applications by staying in touch with the institution, on your behalf.
  • No Documentation charges, free documentation processing
  • No visa Filling Fees
  • Proof of English proficiency test
  • No need to visit, you can also reach us online

All of the above services are free of cost and we do not believe in making false promises. That’s why Globizz Overseas consultants are also known as the most trusted study visa consultants in Chandigarh

Here is the video testimonial of our successful applicants

View more video testimonials

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Contact us for more detailed the requirements for study visa in Canada and also talk to our counsellors for free visa counselling.

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5 Reasons why Indian students must Study in Australia | Globizz Overseas

Every year millions of Indian students are travelling overseas to pursuit quality of education to achieve their dreams. Their top choices are developed nations like UK, US, Canada, Australia etc. However Uk and US are already categorized in the top destination for study.

But these days the number of students who want to study in Australia is increasing tremendously. Currently, Australia has more than 384000 students from 140 countries around the world.

According to Economic Times

As of November 2017, more than 68,000 Indian students were studying in Australian institutions, up 14.65% over the same period in 2016 (January-November). In January-December 2016, Australia had 60,013 Indian students, a growth of 12% over the previous year.

There are many top universities in Australia which are similar to the level of Howards and the Oxford. If you will choose the experienced and best study visa consultants you may get extra relief from tedious visa procedures.

So coming to the point, here are the top 10 reasons to study in Australia for Indian students.

Top Quality of Education

Australian education system is one of the best in the world, most of the Australian education institutes are rapidly updating. The top education institutes in Australia are well known for bringing out the latest syllabus, facilities or techniques.

After the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia is the third most popular destinations of the Indian Students. There are multiple reasons which make this country one of the best countries for education and living. Let us discuss more benefits.

Standard & Cost of living:

The Australian standard of living is highest in the world. Cost of living and the cost of studying in Australia is Comparatively lower than those of the US and the US.  However, International students can offset their expenses by doing part-time jobs along with their ongoing study. Also, there are various Scholarship programmes running especially for the overseas student, which can help in lowering the expense of students.

Work with Study

The Students visiting Australia are allowed to work for 20 hours a week along with their study. This is the perfect chance for the students who want to recover their daily expense during the stay. Also, this is the perfect opportunity for the students who are looking to gain a work experience in their respective field.

Innovation & Technology:

Australia has the fastest rate for the adoption of latest innovation and technology than any other nation. It is a great leverage for the student, as they will be familiar with the latest tech, hence will increase in new skill.  The country offers world-class faculties for teaching, training and research with the outstanding laboratories, classrooms & libraries along the modern technology.

Multiple choices of Course selection

The student who wants to study in Australia can easily find the choice of his school or education which is related to his career. The students can decide during the selection of degree programme, which type of school they want to cater according to their career and passion.

The students can select between the Universities, vocational education, and English language training. If important, it is very easy for students to migrate between one qualification levels and from one institution to another.

For more information regarding the visa process and criteria, you can contact Globizz Overseas Consultants for consistency, Most trusted study visa Consultants in India.

Video testimonial of recent students who got their Visa from Globizz

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