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Best UK Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh

UK Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh – Applying for a study visa for the UK?  Contact Globizz Consultants (P) LTD. the best UK Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh. We provide a comprehensive range of consultancy and legal services, which include advice on applying, selection of reputable and approved UK Colleges, completing the application formalities. Our dedicated team UK student visa section assists Indian students who wish to study in the UK.

We are based in Chandigarh and have a presence in Punjab and Haryana (Karnal, Patiala) so we are able to comprehensively deal with all your UK Visa needs.

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About Globizz Overseas Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

We at Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd. help you throughout and provide you free counseling on your study abroad queries. Having multiple offices operating across India we are located nearer to you and you can get in touch with us regarding all your queries and we will give you the free assistance for your study abroad options. Globizz overseas Education just is being organized each year where several International Universities show their presence with our education experts, counselors, and other officials like ex-visa officers, travel counsels to give you free detailing on the courses, universities, places and various options for your UK study abroad aim.

Get your Study Visa queries resolved on Phone 0172-5019317 by fixing an appointment with our Ex-Visa Officials.

UK Study Visa

The UK has been the hottest study options for Indian students for centuries. Prominent Indians have always been an integral part of the famous United Kingdom education system. Nowadays more and more Indian parents can afford to send their wards for higher studies from the UK to give a flourishing career to their children.

The UK has world popular colleges and universities and quality education which are accepted worldwide. One of the world’s ultimate destinations, the United Kingdom has so much to offer. With a rich cultural history and a steady economy, the UK is progressively becoming a coveted country for people wanting to resettle abroad. A place that is known for physical beauty combined with the world’s best living and working conditions.


The British Home Office requires any non-citizen who seeks entry into England, Wales, and Scotland to obtain a Student visa. This student visa has a particular validity period and certain conditions attached to ensure that the student entering the UK understands their obligations and is also aware of the repercussions for not complying with these conditions. Students are required to maintain their enrollment with a prescribed Institution.

We have given you a detailed summary of the major regions to comprehend with respect to the Visa Application process.


A visa is an entry clearance that gives you permission for the student to enter the Country to Study. Each year thousands of international students attain a visa to study in the UK.

Globizz Consultants (P) Ltd. helps thousands of Indian students enter varied universities in the UK every year. We also give full support to our students to apply for study visas.

UK Study Visa Rules for Students:

The UK Universities are world-renowned and its degree is globally acknowledged & accepted. The students gain knowledge and skills, qualifications and experience which make them the finest amongst their generation.

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Important Information for Indian Students:

  • The student must plan to study at a publicly funded university or college, a bonafide private institution, or a fee-paying independent school.
  • The student must be able except to follow a full-time degree course, or weekdays, full-time course at a single institute involving at least 15 hours of organized, daytime study per week.
  • The student must have the capacity to pay for the course and the everyday expenses of spouse and children (if they are with him/her) without working in the UK or claiming public funds.
  • The student must not plan to work in the UK except accepted for a course enduring longer than six months, when the student may work part-time or during vacations as indicated in the visa granted.
  • The student must plan to leave the UK at the end of his/her studies.

Why Globizz Overseas Consultants Pvt. Ltd – For UK Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh?

Our ethos is based on our reputation, experience, and integrity. Our work model is simple and effective. We provide comprehensive advice and assistance to those genuine students who wish to study in the UK. Our teams are fully versed in the UK immigration laws, rules, and procedures to get you the right result. India remains the UK’s biggest visa operation around the world, processing around 400,000 applications each year. Some 40,000 Indian students are studying in the UK.

Our service is special as we only deal with UK immigration, with our permanent offices in London and Delhi. Due to increased demand for our work, we established a full-time presence in India to help clients seek our specialist UK lawyer in India for immigration expertise in the heart of Delhi.

  • Assistance in selecting the right UK College for your course
  • Completing the Tier 4 Student Visa Application and documentation.
  • Face-to-face interview preparation at the UK High Commission.
  • Student Visa Appeals and Administrative Review if your application has been refused.

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