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Best Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh – The United Kingdom (UK) is the oldest monarchies in Europe. It is originally known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Studying in a country like the UK is a dream for many students. Qualifications you get from the universities in the UK are much more valuable and well-recognized. The United Kingdom is the perfect place if you are planning your education because they provide international exposure to its cosmopolitan environment.

Have all the qualities every employer is looking for. Be confident, original, and independent. 

Yes! You can get all of this by studying at the top best universities in the United Kingdom.

Why Study in the UK?

  • The United Kingdom has many well-recognized and reputed institutions and is worth all the money. 
  • Getting graduation from universities in the UK add value to your CV and help you get an amazing job. 
  • The universities in the United Kingdom have students from different countries. 
  • The UK is the hub for many oldest universities in the world. 
  • The institutes provide good career opportunities in their internship and placement programs. 
  • They also have many students offers like free healthcare facilities and student discounts. 

UK Student Visa Consultant

The United Kingdom has an excellent educational system and helps to build an excellent career in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world. Every year thousands of students from all over the world come to students here in these top-class universities. Many applicants get a student visa successfully for the UK. The government of the United Kingdom encourages students from different parts of the world. Read complete article for UK Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh

The requirement for a study visa

To get a student visa in the United Kingdom, you need to meet the requirements providing by UK’s immigration center.

The United Kingdom has various rules and regulations, like the placement offers and job opportunities from reputed institutions. They provide study and work opportunities for students. Hiring a visa consultant for study in the United Kingdom is really necessary for all the visa application procedures.

Even though you can apply for a visa all by yourself, it is always preferred to hire a study visa consultant for providing you with a professional student visa for your education in the United Kingdom. These consultant agencies take care of all the requirements provided by the immigration officers in the United Kingdom. All you need to do is submit all the required documents to your consultant agency.

GLobizz Overseas Consultant is a well-known brand in the industry that offers excellent services without any hassles to the students. They have served a lot of candidates with 100% satisfaction and have reputable goodwill in the industry. If you are planning to give wings to your career then you must get in touch with them and enjoy a safe and sound process with peace of mind.

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Know about the USA study visa

All About the USA Study Visa

USA Study Visa – The USA is known for its world-class colleges, numerous academic applications, and a unique education process that gives students an excellent learning process and aids in widening their horizons. These characteristics make the USA among the top most recommended research destinations for the Indian global education aspirants.

Studying abroad is among the most beneficial memories for college students. By studying overseas, students can research in a different state and imbibe the brand new culture’s lifestyle. Besides, it provides a chance to experience a new state with various activities and customs. When you’re also preparing to study abroad, come to the USA study visa consultant in Patiala, a leading name in the industry.

Education System inside the USA

The USA’s study process is different as students are made available with the very best study options worldwide.

– It’s essential for students to finish their twelve years of training, i.e., primary and secondary, for joining a university or even college.

– Your schooling should have been finished in these two schools i.e., private school or public school.

– The schooling that has been finished outside of the United States of America is also valid for students to get into a faculty or maybe university to take the American training benefits.

Best Study Visa Consultant for Study offers perfect career counseling and visa consultation, enabling students to select the faculty’s proper and right program or maybe college, which fits their budgets. This will help a student make his career correctly and probably get the very best education for getting the very best job after studies.

The number of specialists is educated and well-studied to offer the very best Education and Visa consultancy for students aspiring to obtain the most inexpensive and the very best education in the USA.

USA Study Visa Consultant in Patiala

study in new zealand

Top 6 Reasons to Study in New Zealand | Recent updates

Top Reasons Why You Should Study in New Zealand

Ever thought about studying in a stunning country like New Zealand? Well if not, then give it a chance and we are sure that you won’t regret it. Unlike the UK or the USA, New Zealand has witnessed marvellous growth in the study visa applicants all around the world.

Almost 100,000 international students have chosen New Zealand as their favourite destination to study. Well, who doesn’t want to study in New Zealand?, after all this great progressive nation has all the 8 of its universities in the top QS rankings

If you want to study in a country i.e. best known for its exquisite beautiful landscapes and top quality of education than you are in the right place.

Before sharing the top reasons to study in New Zealand, let us check out some interesting facts about the land of Kiwis.

Quick facts about New Zealand

  • Most of the transactions are done through digital currency
  • Kiwi is a national symbol of New Zealand
  • New Zealand is one of the least corrupted nations according to the Corruptions Perception Index.
  • The land of Kiwi has very stunning landscapes and scenic beauty.
  • One-third of the country consists of protected parklands and marine reserves.
  • New Zealand has one of the best education systems in the world.

Why Study in New Zealand?

Above were some interesting facts about New Zealand, this country is known for its exquisite beauty and top-class universities surrounded. One can have complete peace of mind here, along with high-quality studies. So let’s discuss the top reasons to study in New Zealand.

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Top Class Educational Institutes

New Zealand offers one of the best environments and educational institutes to study. The country has a total of 8 universities funded by the state. It has 18 educational Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPS), institutes also offer professional degree level courses.

In addition, New Zealand also caters to Private Training Establishments (PTEs) more than 550+, these are the English language schools that offer vocational courses at the level of certificate and Diploma. The higher educational authorities of New Zealand regularly maintains the quality of these institutes.

You will be surprised to know that New Zealand is the only country in the world that has all the Universities ranked in the global top 500. This could also be one of the biggest reasons to study in New Zealand.

Variety of best programs & Courses

The courses and the programs in New Zealand are presented by state-funded universities and these educational institutes have to go through the stringent authority. As far as non- university education courses/ programs are concerned; they must be approved by the NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority).

NZQA is a govt organization which manages the quality control and also provides quality assurance. In short, you can only get study visa only if your course is approved by the NZQA.

List of top Degree courses to study in New Zealand

  1. MBA
  2. Master of Professional Accounting
  3. Engineering
  4. PG Diploma in Agricultural Science
  5. Master of Tourism

Lower Cost of Studying

The cost of studying in New Zealand is comparatively lower than the other countries in similar programs. FAIRFX currency exchange clearly mentioned in its research that tuition fee and cost of living for New Zealand is way cheaper than popular study abroad destinations.

In the entire northern hemisphere, it is only the New Zealand which offers world-class MBA program at a comparatively lesser price. Even international Ph.D. students have the same fees as of the domestic students of New Zealand.

Beautiful Campus with Natural Beauty

We all know New Zealand is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Those students who have studied in New Zealand cannot find words to describe its exquisite beauty.

This natural beauty is not limited up to any particular location; University campuses of New Zealand are equally marvellous. In short studying in New Zealand is like spending a great time on a long holiday vacation.

Large Scope of Job opportunities

New Zealand is one of the best countries in providing job opportunities along with world-class education. Chris Whelan, the executive director of Universities New Zealand states that 97% of the students got employed after their graduation, not only this but 90% of the student got their jobs in their relevant course profile. This clearly indicates the possibility of jobs and level of education delivered.

International students are authorized to work up to 20 hours a week while studying. During holiday vacations students are allowed to work up to 40 hours. So, you don’t have to worry about your expenses in New Zealand.

Spouse Visa opportunity for Students

Now, this is also a great reason to study in New Zealand for married students. A person studying in New Zealand can also bring his/her partner & child to the country via spouse visa. However, the person should be holding study visa for higher education of level 7 or pursuing higher qualification on the continuing skill shortage list or should be doing PG qualification for working in New Zealand.

Click here For more information about visa processing & requirements for study in New Zealand you can visit here.

Free Counselling

Globizz Overseas is among the top 31 Educational consultants of India, chosen by Education New Zealand and Globizz is now ENZRA (Education New Zealand Recognised Agents) member. As you all know trust factor is the most important thing in Immigration and you should avoid the fake promising agents.

Our Experienced consultants are always there to provide you free counselling regarding the study visa in New Zealand. For more information, you can contact Globizz or write us at or can also submit a query on chat & side forms on the website.