Can You Get Your Student Visa Extended

Can You Get Your Student Visa Extended?

How to apply for a student visa extension?

Getting a student visa is the first step towards your dream of studying abroad. It offers you chances to enter foreign nations and experience their culture and education system up-close and personal. However, as you may have seen with the global COVID-19 pandemic, problems can occur which may cause your degree duration to get extended. This applies especially well in the case of PhD students and may require you to extend your visa duration for the same. While most cases do not allow visa extensions, some countries may allow it under special circumstances. Here is how to proceed in this situation:

Step 1

The first step is to get a new confirmation of enrollment or COE using the online forum. This will allow you to show proof of your education and allow you to study longer in the country. You can also request your university for this forum and ensure that all is checked out by contacting a visa consultant in Chandigarh.

Step 2

Your OSHC may not automatically get extended with your COE. Therefore, your second step is to get your OSHC extended by contacting your provider. Your Overseas Student Health Cover policy will help ensure that you are covered during your extended stay.

Step 3

You will need to prepare your documentation such as the COE, OSHC, Passport, Statement of Purpose, and your evidence of financial stability. You can then submit these documents to the DHA office and discuss the extension of your student visa in Canada.

While getting the visa extended may not be possible in all cases, your chances can be improved by contacting the right visa consultant such as Globizz Overseas Consultants for the same. This can help ensure that all your documents check out before you even apply for the visa extension and save you a ton of money from cancellations. If you are interested in getting your student visa extended, you can check with your university if it is actually needed. If they encourage it, then go ahead with the process.


Tourist Visa Consultant

Tourist/Visitor Visa Consultants

Tourist Visa Consultant – Traveling to a foreign land is nothing but an adventure. People like traveling the different states, though they do not understand the pleasant experience as they previously wished. Trip and traveling visa is non-immigrant for using any sought-after country for a brief time, for enjoyment, going to invest a vacation, visiting with family, children, and friends, which is essential to utilize this particular visa.

Though the essential things are Tour and traveling visa is an application for a long duration, and many issues come to get this particular visa type out of the nation. The US, along with other advanced nations visas, is arguably the most difficult visas to get. In these places, there are plenty of rules and regulations you’ve to go by to have the holiday visa, so in case you would like, then we need to point out you can obtain help from virtually any consultants. When you would like to go to any other spot to finish the dreams of yours and dealing with a little trouble than tourist visa consultants can help you.

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Listed here are the top 5 benefits of hiring the perfect tourist Visa consultants: 

  • The most significant benefit of getting tourist consultants is that they spend very close attention to each detail. They understand that one little error in the visa application form may become a reason behind your visa rejection.
  • Visa rejection is going to waste both your money and time. The delay in visa endorsement can cost you a good job/degree. The specialists guide visa candidates through the application process, ensuring you seal all elements of the types correctly.
  • They support you at each point straight from the precious time you fill the program till you do not have your visa. For those who aren’t correctly versed together with the English words, the most outstanding tourist Visa consultants talk to the officials on behalf of yours and help stand up for your rights in the face of an issue.
  • And in case you’re forced to make some changes in the visa program, your immigration specialists will continue you up-to-date and assist you in making the changes necessary for a successful visa application.
  • The last, but not the very least, is that they help visa applicants have an appeal if the software is rejected through the officials. Tourist visa consultants will make sure your case is heard appropriately, and justice is performed inside your case on the foundation of facts. 

Know about the USA study visa

All About the USA Study Visa

USA Study Visa – The USA is known for its world-class colleges, numerous academic applications, and a unique education process that gives students an excellent learning process and aids in widening their horizons. These characteristics make the USA among the top most recommended research destinations for the Indian global education aspirants.

Studying abroad is among the most beneficial memories for college students. By studying overseas, students can research in a different state and imbibe the brand new culture’s lifestyle. Besides, it provides a chance to experience a new state with various activities and customs. When you’re also preparing to study abroad, come to the USA study visa consultant in Patiala, a leading name in the industry.

Education System inside the USA

The USA’s study process is different as students are made available with the very best study options worldwide.

– It’s essential for students to finish their twelve years of training, i.e., primary and secondary, for joining a university or even college.

– Your schooling should have been finished in these two schools i.e., private school or public school.

– The schooling that has been finished outside of the United States of America is also valid for students to get into a faculty or maybe university to take the American training benefits.

Best Study Visa Consultant for Study offers perfect career counseling and visa consultation, enabling students to select the faculty’s proper and right program or maybe college, which fits their budgets. This will help a student make his career correctly and probably get the very best education for getting the very best job after studies.

The number of specialists is educated and well-studied to offer the very best Education and Visa consultancy for students aspiring to obtain the most inexpensive and the very best education in the USA.

USA Study Visa Consultant in Patiala

UK Student Visa Consultants in Chandigarh & Patiala

Best UK Student visa Consultants in Chandigarh & Patiala

UK Student Visa Consultants in Chandigarh – UK is the best destination to study abroad  for International Students, as per the latest surveys. UK Tier 4 student visa comes with Post Study Work opportunity, now after completion of your course you will be eligible for this two year Post-study Visa as per new policy for sessions 2020 – 2021 , new policy is boost all aspirant who want to study in UK let it be London or Scotland, the new policy is welcome by all UK universities and institutions around the United Kingdom, for admission to UK universities and colleges now you can apply without IELTS and for this all UK universities have different criteria to sum up :

  • With this new policy every one studying Degree or above will be allowed to stay 2 years extra after their course completion and will be allowed to work full time.
  • IELTS requirement in UK is 6 band and another good news is that now you can apply even if your score is low.
  • If you have rejection from any country you still can apply and get UK student Visa.
  • If you wish to apply with your Spouse & Dependent Children UK is best option as here you can apply with your wife and kids and all can travel together
  • If you have fresh funds still you can start you application.

Globizz Overseas is leading study abroad consultant in India and has its office in Chandigarh & Patiala, Globizz have been dealing in UK Tier 4 student Visa since 2009 and the team is well experienced and had effectively placed many student`s to different UK universities in London, Scotland & other part of United Kingdom, to be able to secure you admission to Top UK universities.

At Globizz Overseas we understand student requirements and provide best of professional services for admission to majority of UK universities and also support applicant for UK study permit also know as UK Tier 4 student Visa. With years of presence and professional services we are the best consultant for UK study visa in Chandigarh & Patiala.

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