How to Get Canada Visa After Rejection

How to Get Canada Visa After Rejection

Chances of Getting Canada Student Visa After Refusal

Canada Visa After Rejection – Getting a visa is the most important step towards travelling abroad. Whether you need a student visa or a tourist visa, it forms the basis of your permission to enter another country. While most visa applications get approved rather quickly, there are some that even get rejected. If you are experiencing such a situation, then the best thing to do would be to go to a visa consultancy and discuss your current options. There isn’t any direct appeals process for a visa rejection, therefore your only option is to apply for a new one in the future. Here are some tips that can help you get a visa after rejection:

What’s next?

Since there isn’t any specific time restriction for applying for a new visa, you can apply again anytime. However, we recommend doing so only when your situation has changed, or if you wish to enter any new details in the application. If your visa was rejected because of lack of some information, then you should speak with your consultant before drafting another application. Be sure to mention the details that prove that you would want to come back to your home country after your visa expires.

The Nature of Your Trip

The nature of your trip will clearly determine whether you can get a visa or not. In most cases, the chances of getting Canada student visa after refusal are quite high, where most rejections happen due to incomplete information. However, if your visa may have been rejected because of some other reason, it is wise to get your situation in order before applying one. One such case can be of finances where the visa agent may doubt whether you can support yourself in Canada without working illegally.


Consultancies can be quite helpful in most cases where you need an education visa. There can be many factors which can cause a visa to get rejected, and consultancies are experienced in identifying these after reading your application. They also make the application process a lot more hassle free for you by taking care of the documentation. If you wish to re-apply for your Canada visa, then we recommend going through a consultancy as they can help you ensure that your application gets approved.

While most cases of visa rejection are easy to understand and avoid, facing such a situation can be quite a pain for most people. Therefore it is important to make sure that your visa application has correct information in the first go. If your visa does get rejected, the above tips should help you apply for another one in the future.

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Canada Tourist Visa Rejection Reason & How You Can Overcome

How To Overcome Canada Visitor/ Tourist Visa Rejection

Canada Tourist/Visitor Visa applications are at all time high and the numbers are every increasing, accordingly the visa rejections are very high, though a fair decision is done on each application but still the rejection is high. The rejection letters sent by Embassy is kind of generic majorly and its tough to know the exact reason of rejection; now what to be done In such cases, best is you can apply for CAIPS note (CAIPS is report which confirm the exact remarks/ reasons of concerns of Immigration  officer)

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Friends i have been applying numerous number of such applicants where they had previous refusal, though not all but majority of applications got approved, following are some of the details that i found to be major reason of refusals and if you are applying fresh or reapplication then make sure you take care of following points, these all i noticed in application which got rejection and reapplied:

  1. Application Form (Some columns of the application forms were not filled properly, the applicant has his/her name mentioned in Passport and Bank documents different and on this he was required to put clarification ; also there is one column in form where you can mention this ).
  2. The bank statement has lots of fresh deposit and there was not justification details provided  on source of those funds.
  3. Length of the visit/stay in Canada mentioned very long 3/4 months. (Its should actually not more than 30 days, though the visa provides you stay option more than this but while applying you take are of this)
  4. The relationship proof between the sponsor and applicant was missing, so best is to put proper documents which confirms the relations to your sponsor (only if the sponsor is your relations), also its best to make a family tree confirm how the person is related to you would be best option.
  5. The invitation letter has less information about invitor or applicant.
  6. The covering letter had lesser details confirming the purpose of visa and other travel plans, also it was kind of template, this is very important that you covering letter to be prepared by taking proper time and all information related to > Your Travel Plans > Funds availability > your business details in your home country > your annual earnings >
  7. In some cases the applicant could not provide adequate documents to confirm the working years or duration of business/ Job.

If above steps are addressed properly the chances of visa will be very high.


Neeraj Kaushik