Canada Visitor Visa Consultants – How can I get Canada Visitor / Tourist Visa?

All about Canada Visitor / Tourist Visa you need to know – What is a Visitor / Tourist Visa?

Canada Visitor Visa Consultants – A Canada Visitor Visa is also called a temporary resident Visa. It is an official document that is pasted to the passport. It basically allows you to travel to other countries where you want to go for tourism purposes especially. Sometimes it is often called a Canada Tourist Visa . A visitor visa can be served for many purposes. It can be such as meeting family or friends or regarding any business meeting or for vacations and holidays. The duration of the visit may vary from person to person.

The requirements can be different and the process of proper documentation is very necessary. You can apply for it in two different ways either online or offline that paper-based. The Canada tourist visa is issued for a time duration of a maximum of  validity of your passport.

Canada tourist Visa is of two types –

Single – Entry Visa: In this visa, you can enter Canada only one time during your whole visit.
Multiple – Entry Visa: In this visa, you can go to Canada more than one time and visit multiple times during your tourism.

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To apply for Canada Visitor Visa you have to follow some of the essential steps given below –

  • Apply online or on paper
  • Fill all the required application forms 
  • Pay the entire Visa fees
  • You can also visit the local Application Centre of Canada Visa (VFS) 
  • Submit your required application form carefully
  • Also, you can track your application form in case of online apply

The eligibility Criteria to get a Canada Visitor Visa is –

  • You should have a valid passport and other travel documents  
  • You are supposed to be in good health 
  • You should not have any criminal record
  • Have enough financial savings
  • Sufficient funds in your account to support your whole trip
  • You need to agree to abide by the laws of that particular place
  • You intend to leave Canada by the end of your visit   

Documents which are required are as follows –

  • A valid passport with an expiry date of at least 1 year
  • Cover letter including the purpose of your visit
  • An invitation letter from your family or friends if they inviting you or hotel booking confirming your stay options
  • Financial or other asset documents 
  • Available Bank statements and fixed deposits or any kind of savings  
  • Travel history if any

Fees and processing time for Canada Visitor Visa –

The application fee for the Canada Visitor Visa is CAN$100 and the fee for the biometric is CAN$ 85. So the total fees are CAN$185. The processing time for the whole process varies from 4 to 6 weeks.

Conclusion :

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