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Study Visa Consultant in Patiala – Are you looking to study abroad?
We can help you with admission to colleges & visas…

For a selection of the right Study Visa Consultant firm, Make sure they are eligible for the important things:-

Permanent Licensed or Certified: You should approach the best consultant who has the experience and practiced his or her business. These study consultants are passed by immigration authorities. They have passed and go through different competitive exams before they get permission to practice. Keep your mind this thing that some of us can give you the right advice, hopes, and right things (Do’s and Don’ts) to make this dream happen.

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Globizz Consultants, we are a trusted brand for overseas (abroad) education and we represent officially in colleges and ensure 100% satisfaction.

Being a veteran organization working in the study abroad sector we understand and value the aspirations of students who seek an opportunity to study abroad, In such a huge sector it becomes very important that one should be well aware of all the legal laws, rules, and regulations that may impact the student eligibility to study in his dream country. To avoid any hassle or roadblocks we make sure that our teams stay updated with the latest changes of study visa policies which are validated by government bodies only such as study visa information.

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Working on this ideology we have garnered more than 250 student visas in the past years. We have been accredited by AIRC for our transparent approach and also we are an ICEF, NAFSA accredited organization that provides us a platform to participate in the International conferences of these respective bodies and act as an intermediate between the students and the institutions.

We help you choose the option of destination, course, and institution that match your personal circumstances such as academic, employment, and financial background. While helping you make these choices we will also take into consideration your long-term goals such as your career aspirations.

We give you complete assistance with student visa applications. This includes giving advice on the documentation required for the study visa, lodging the study visa application, and coordinating the same on your behalf with the concerned visa office.

Our Student Visa services cater to the following countries:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • USA

An appropriate Study Visa Consultant in Patiala can assist your study visa file to an overseas country. Contact us through Globizz Consultants (P) Ltd. who has years of experience and team as well.


Studying abroad is a huge step forward in life. However, when you decide to choose a counselor to guide you in this process, you are faced with stark reality. Most admissions counselors are just salesmen trying to sell you admissions to a university they’re partnered with. They lure students with discounts and free services while all the time, they’re selling their partner university’s courses. The cost of availing of their services is sacrificing your preferences and ambitions and possibly getting into a university that isn’t the right fit for you.

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Study Visa Consultant in Patiala|Globizz Consultant (P) Ltd.

  • You can also meet with the Globizz Consultants (P) Ltd. Study Visa Consultant in Patiala. Do you know about the importance of a visa consultant? Let’s look at the process where we need a helping hand, which can only be a qualified and experienced person.
  • Planning to study abroad is not an easy task. It involves a lot of thinking, planning, stress, and tops, money. One of the most challenging tasks, which makes the overseas education process really complicated, is choosing the best country, college, and course from the pool of options. Maybe you have chosen the right option, this is not the end of difficulties, and the challenge is waiting for you. Once you choose the course and the university, it comes on the stage when you have to apply for a study visa for the chosen universities and selected countries which are multi-layered procedures. You have to take care of many things like the English proficiency test, objective statement, etc., which you may not know about. Once all things have been completed, preparing for departure can be another challenge on your way to foreign education. Here comes the role of a dependable and qualified study visa consultant.
  • We, at Globizz Consultants (P) Ltd., help you smoothly go through all technicalities of the application and study visa process. Over the past several years, we have helped thousands of students to study abroad including the countries; USAAustraliaCanadaNew Zealand, and others. We have direct links and tie-ups with the best colleges and universities in these countries.
  • Our presence in the following locations: Chandigarh, Karnal, Patiala, Ambala, Kurukshetra, and Panipat; and our history of past years make us credible and one of the most sought-after study visa consultancies.

Why Choose Us – Globizz Consultants (P) Ltd.?

 When you decide to study abroad, you’re doing so because you have a plan. Perhaps you need to work abroad for a while and return to India. Possibly you need to settle abroad with your family. Whatever your plan, the best way to achieve this through education is by choosing the right course & college.

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  • Admission
  • Coaching
  • Well experienced teachers
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  • Student Loans
  • Student Visas
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Call now for more details at 9815130982 were studying for a bright future is concerned, study options abroad are still known as the best and suitable option. Applying to the right university is a rigorous task. Every step is important; we guide you throughout the entire process and apply it to your dream university. We provide you rightful information and apply to the universities with proper documents and send complete applications where you will receive a positive response from the university.

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Globizz does everything to ensure the student reaches his goal and lives happily in the foreign campus of his dreams, rewarded with the prized degree for a great career and success.
Supportive documents required for application to the Universities:

Undergraduate Programs 

  • 10th, 12th educational certificates
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Essays
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Any additional supportive documents

Postgraduate Programs

1. Undergraduate degree certificates
2. 10th, 12th educational certificates
3. Statement of Purpose (SOP) / Essays / LORs
4. Any additional supportive documents
5. Experience letter (if any)

If you are looking for a reliable Study Visa Consultant in Patiala, reach us at Globizz Consultants (P) Ltd.

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