Latest Update on SDS-Canada Student Visa type for 2020

All you need to know about SDS (Study Direct Stream)

Latest Update on SDS (Study Direct Stream) Canada Student Visa type for 2020. SDS is Study Direct Stream and it is a visa type, not related to college or institution. So it is to make you aware and more clear about this. It is not related to any college or institution rather it is a visa type that is associated with a Canada study visa. One can join any college in Canada having a valid DLI number i.e. Designated Learning Institution.

They can apply for their visa under SDS, provided all other requirements are well met. As per the latest guidelines, this visa can only be applied online and paper based visa application is no more accepted. On the other hand, it has been limited to some of the countries that are India, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Morocco, Pakistan and Senegal. As far as the processing time is concerned, we have experienced that the SDS application decisions are made within 10 to 15 days. The rest can depend on the visa officer.

Remember these points –

  • First of all, it is very important to make it a clear point that SDS is not related to any college or institution rather it is a visa type.
  • It is good news for many that now the services of SDS are extended to many additional countries i.e. India, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Morocco, Pakistan, and Senegal.
  • This visa can only be applied online and no paper -based services are now available.
  • The SDS application decisions are generally made in 10 or 15 days and the processing is very fast.

A glance at SDS Experts –

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