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International Student Program-IRCC Update

PurposeTo provide an update on Canada’s International Student Program.

  • I.International Student program Trends- Overview
  • II.International Student program Integrity Machanism
  • III.Program Delivery Instruction updates
  • IV.The launch of Study Direct Stream


I.International Student program Trends-Overview


International Student Trends (continued)


International Student Trends (continued)


Growth in numbers of study permit applications across all levels of study in 2018:

  • Primary/Secondary (K-12): 46,861 SP applications-an increase of 2.6% from 2017
  • ESL/FSL: 37,067 SP applications – an increase of 10.8% from 2017
  • College: 131,558 SP applications -an increase of 12.5% from 2017
  • University: 101,937 SP applications – an increase of 14.9 % from 2017

International Student application destinations are concentrated in 3 provinces: Ontario (49%), British Columbia (24%), Quebec (13%), Prairie provinces combined (10%), and Atlantic provinces combined (5%).
Top 5 Countries of international student origin in Canada include: China (24%), India (30%), Korea (4%), France (4%), and Vietnam (3%).

II. International Students Program Integrity Machanism

International Students Program

  • Integrety Machanism

  • International Student Program Compliance Regime
  • International Student Letter of Acceptance Project
  • I.International Student Program Compliance Regime

    • Compliance Reporting Regime allows IRCC to monitor the status of study permit holders in Canada
    • DLIs report on status of study permit holders through the DLI Portal
      • Reporting occurs twice a year (March to April and November to December) and is mandatory
    • Referral of potentially non-compliant students to local offices for follow-up and enforcement
    • Among DLIs categorized as language schools 100% of these schools participated (84 out of 84)

      Note: When international students in Canada transfer schools, they must advise IRCC through their myAccount. This ensures they are reported on by their new DLI.

      II.Letter of Acceptance Verification Project

      International Student Letter of Acceptance Project

      • LOA fraud is one of the most common types of fraud
      • Centralized hub verifies the authenticity of letters of acceptance (LOAs) with issuing DLIs
      • To date, the project has completed over 5,000 LOA verifications, of this
        • near 10% of LOA verifications were confirmed to be either fraudulent, altered or no longer valid
        • near 9% received no response from the issuing DLI

      III. Program Delivery Instructions Updates

      III. Program Delivery Instructions Updates

      1.Pre-requisite course in Canada before the main program of studies

      • Eligibility requirements to apply for a study permit within Canada
      • Work authorizations

      2.Transition between levels of study
      (primary, secondary and post-secondary)

      • Students transitioning between levels of study (primary, secondary and post-secondary)

        are no longer required to apply for a new study permit, provided their current study permit is still valid.

      IV.Study Direct StreamApril 2019

      IV. What is SDS ?

      • Student Direct Stream (SDS) offers expedited processing of study permit applications to international students who can provide upfront documentation.
      • To be considered for processing through the SDS, international students currently need to meet the following criteria:
        • Must be legal residents of China, India, the Philippines or Vietnam.
        • Intend to study at a post-secondary Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
        • Provide minimum language results.
        • Provide proof of tuition payment for the first year.
        • Provide upfront medical exam results.
        • Provide a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000 from IRCCs list.
        • Provide proof of tuition payment for the first year.

      IV. SDS – Global Expansion

      • IRCC is planning to expand SDS globally, simultaneously to all countries, by April 1, 2019 with the following changes:
        • Reduced processing times
        • Applicants will no longer be required to provide proof of tuition payment.
        • Applicants will be required to provide a $20,000 GIC
        • The list of IRCC approved banks that provide GICs and their corresponding information will be removed from our country specific checklists.
        • GIC from any bank listed under the Canada Deposit Insurance Company (CDIC) list that offers a student GIC meeting IRCC criteria will be accepted.
      • SDS will be open to all types of Designated Learning Institutions

      Source Canadian Immigration Website: www.cic.gc.ca

      Team Globizz

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