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Canada Student & Spouse Visa approved same time

Hi.. here are two clients who got their Canada Student & Spouse Visa approved today. It’s been a long journey full of documentation & details & finally, both of them got their respective visa approved. Here I just wish to mention that these guys are really lucky that their Visa got approved on the same day, lucky; as all previous candidates got their visa after some interval as you know its partner based visa & the work on the main applicant which is student starts first & then the spouse & dependents becomes eligible for Work & Visitor Visa, but here in this case both the candidates got the visa approved same time.


  • File Lodged: 07 Jan. 2022
  • Biometric: 17 Jan 2022
  • Medical Update (Student): 01 Feb. 2022
  • Medical Update (Spouse): 24 Feb. 2022
  • PPR (both applicants ): 02 May 2022

Just to note that a Concurrent visa is a policy under which you can apply for your student & Spouse Visa together. The reason why people in the market not promoting is due to lots of technical details involved in doing this application. It’s just because the majority of consultants in the market are only doing student visas & there are very fewer consultants doing Canada Spouse & dependent visa so for them getting both visa done is a problem. Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd is the leading organisation in India & Asia doing maximum number of Canada student visa & Canada Spouse Open Work permit visa & Dependent Visas let it be separate application or concurrent Visa, we have expert team of Admission & Visa filling which starts the application process with an understanding that with this applicant dependent applications will also be processed & accordingly the calculation of course tenure, funds & other important parameters are taken care. That’s the reason we provide both the opportunities to the client either they can apply separate applications or they can apply all together under concurrent Visa. Lots of people have belief that if they apply together their visa might get rejected as embassy will think that they are all going together & will not return. So this success story of candidate proves that theory wrong as they applied under concurrent & got the visa approved.

If anyone wishes to discuss his/her application we suggest them to please call +919815519600 (between 10:30 am till 5 PM IST) to know more & fix your appointment for a detailed discussion of your file.

Neeraj Kaushik
Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd.

Delays in Canada Visa decisions & What you can do

Delays in Canada Visa decisions & What you can do ?

If things were to believe ; as per one of the leading Canadian news agency CIC news they have uploaded one data (which they claim to be obtained from IRCC) Canada Immigration has aprox 1.8 million + visa applications pending with them, this includes all categories of visa & Visa extension of onshore & offshore applicants; let it be Canada Student Visa, Work Visa, Family Visa, Visitor Visa etc. The big question is why this blockage happened & what will happen to the decisions & till when this table could be cleared & most important what you can do to expedite your application.

Inventory as of October 27, 2021 by Application Type (in Persons)


Though it was only Canada which was attracting applications even during lockdown & people from whole world applied & eventually made the numbers grow so high: Canadian System was not ready ? or due to unexpected rise in applications the number game some where getting affected & they could not make it whom to give visa & whom not. It is understood & obvious that during lockdown Canadian Immigration offices were partially opened & the work force & capacity was at all time low as majority of officer were not attending office, though work from home news was also there, but changes still takes time for settlement & finally resettlements. Now the life has started coming to normal but the new worry is of application blockage so how it will be managed is a worry some situation.
This all is well known to every one but what one can do to expedite his/her application, understanding opinions of people it is learnt that work on applications have already started but as applications have been in the system for long so to set priority by ourself is best way, this you can do by updating Embassy with changes happened to your personal circumstances, address, communication details etc (if any ), also in case your application was sponsored then if any changes in Visa status of your sponsor happened; it highly recommended to update it to embassy via web forms.

Recently we have seen that lots of people specially Canada Spouse Open Work Permit applicants have got email where some addition updated documents have been demanded by Embassy these documents are related to the financial documents & proof of ongoing relationships with there inviter/sponsor spouse living in Canada. In majority of Canada Spouse visa application the status of many sponsors have changed: like when the application was made the sponsor was student & know he/she has got Work Permit so in all such cases its good if we update these details with suitable proof to Embassy & also get prepared that we could be required to submit additional documents. We have been regularly updating these details on our social media platforms & you can join us for more latest updates on visa outcomes.
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