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Studying Abroad is the best of the opportunity that any student will ever receive. It will help you gain a lot of experience and also improve your communication as well as other academic skills. Once you decide to study abroad, a lot of career opportunities open for you giving you a lifetime experience. This will help you to choose the best of the jobs for you, allowing you to lead a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

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Best Study Visa Consultant in Patiala

Study Visa Consultant in Patiala – Are you looking to study abroad?
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For a selection of the right Study Visa Consultant firm, Make sure they are eligible for the important things:-

Permanent Licensed or Certified: You should approach the best consultant who has the experience and practiced his or her business. These study consultants are passed by immigration authorities. They have passed and go through different competitive exams before they get permission to practice. Keep your mind this thing that some of us can give you the right advice, hopes, and right things (Do’s and Don’ts) to make this dream happen.

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Best Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh

Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh – If People you are from anywhere and you are looking for best Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh, Contact Globizz Overseas Consultants. Because they are very serious about their career & want more advanced knowledge. All are very concerned about improving their professional as well as personal lives because of rich in thoughts and living standards. The same thing applies to their education also.

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Top 6 Reasons to Study in New Zealand | Recent updates

Top Reasons Why You Should Study in New Zealand

Ever thought about studying in a stunning country like New Zealand? Well if not, then give it a chance and we are sure that you won’t regret it. Unlike the UK or the USA, New Zealand has witnessed marvellous growth in the study visa applicants all around the world.

Almost 100,000 international students have chosen New Zealand as their favourite destination to study. Well, who doesn’t want to study in New Zealand?, after all this great progressive nation has all the 8 of its universities in the top QS rankings

If you want to study in a country i.e. best known for its exquisite beautiful landscapes and top quality of education than you are in the right place.

Before sharing the top reasons to study in New Zealand, let us check out some interesting facts about the land of Kiwis.

Quick facts about New Zealand

  • Most of the transactions are done through digital currency
  • Kiwi is a national symbol of New Zealand
  • New Zealand is one of the least corrupted nations according to the Corruptions Perception Index.
  • The land of Kiwi has very stunning landscapes and scenic beauty.
  • One-third of the country consists of protected parklands and marine reserves.
  • New Zealand has one of the best education systems in the world.

Why Study in New Zealand?

Above were some interesting facts about New Zealand, this country is known for its exquisite beauty and top-class universities surrounded. One can have complete peace of mind here, along with high-quality studies. So let’s discuss the top reasons to study in New Zealand.

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Top Class Educational Institutes

New Zealand offers one of the best environments and educational institutes to study. The country has a total of 8 universities funded by the state. It has 18 educational Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPS), institutes also offer professional degree level courses.

In addition, New Zealand also caters to Private Training Establishments (PTEs) more than 550+, these are the English language schools that offer vocational courses at the level of certificate and Diploma. The higher educational authorities of New Zealand regularly maintains the quality of these institutes.

You will be surprised to know that New Zealand is the only country in the world that has all the Universities ranked in the global top 500. This could also be one of the biggest reasons to study in New Zealand.

Variety of best programs & Courses

The courses and the programs in New Zealand are presented by state-funded universities and these educational institutes have to go through the stringent authority. As far as non- university education courses/ programs are concerned; they must be approved by the NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority).

NZQA is a govt organization which manages the quality control and also provides quality assurance. In short, you can only get study visa only if your course is approved by the NZQA.

List of top Degree courses to study in New Zealand

  1. MBA
  2. Master of Professional Accounting
  3. Engineering
  4. PG Diploma in Agricultural Science
  5. Master of Tourism

Lower Cost of Studying

The cost of studying in New Zealand is comparatively lower than the other countries in similar programs. FAIRFX currency exchange clearly mentioned in its research that tuition fee and cost of living for New Zealand is way cheaper than popular study abroad destinations.

In the entire northern hemisphere, it is only the New Zealand which offers world-class MBA program at a comparatively lesser price. Even international Ph.D. students have the same fees as of the domestic students of New Zealand.

Beautiful Campus with Natural Beauty

We all know New Zealand is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Those students who have studied in New Zealand cannot find words to describe its exquisite beauty.

This natural beauty is not limited up to any particular location; University campuses of New Zealand are equally marvellous. In short studying in New Zealand is like spending a great time on a long holiday vacation.

Large Scope of Job opportunities

New Zealand is one of the best countries in providing job opportunities along with world-class education. Chris Whelan, the executive director of Universities New Zealand states that 97% of the students got employed after their graduation, not only this but 90% of the student got their jobs in their relevant course profile. This clearly indicates the possibility of jobs and level of education delivered.

International students are authorized to work up to 20 hours a week while studying. During holiday vacations students are allowed to work up to 40 hours. So, you don’t have to worry about your expenses in New Zealand.

Spouse Visa opportunity for Students

Now, this is also a great reason to study in New Zealand for married students. A person studying in New Zealand can also bring his/her partner & child to the country via spouse visa. However, the person should be holding study visa for higher education of level 7 or pursuing higher qualification on the continuing skill shortage list or should be doing PG qualification for working in New Zealand.

Click here For more information about visa processing & requirements for study in New Zealand you can visit here.

Free Counselling

Globizz Overseas is among the top 31 Educational consultants of India, chosen by Education New Zealand and Globizz is now ENZRA (Education New Zealand Recognised Agents) member. As you all know trust factor is the most important thing in Immigration and you should avoid the fake promising agents.

Our Experienced consultants are always there to provide you free counselling regarding the study visa in New Zealand. For more information, you can contact Globizz or write us at or can also submit a query on chat & side forms on the website.


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Canada Student Visa Permit Documentation & requirements for Indians

Canada Student Visa Permit Documentation Requirements for Indians

Canada Student Visa Permit Documentation – The Canadian Govt. is increasing its efforts to bring more Indian students who have good academics & ILETs score. If you are willing to apply for study visa in Canada, you must know about the basic requirements for study visa in Canada. The Indian population in Canada is more than 1 million and every year the number of Indian students is also increasing in Canadian Colleges & Universities.

Canada is a multicultural country with a welcoming attitude towards Indian immigrants. Also, it is one of the best destinations of International students across the world.

The educational institutes offer multiple courses such as Certificates, Diploma, Bachelor Degree`s, Post Graduate Diploma & Masters Degree. So, before moving any further let’s discuss the important checklists and requirements for study visa in Canada.

Minimum IELTS Score for a Study permit in Canada

This is the most frequently asked question “what is the minimum IELTS score for Canada?”  Well according to our expert counsellors here is the answer.

“In order to obtain a student visa for any overseas country like Canada, Australia, US, UK and New Zealand etc, you must score at least 5.5 bands in all of the four segments. The minimum score of over 6.0 for the undergraduate courses as a whole.

As far as the Graduate courses are concerned the score can reach up to 6.5 and more with the minimum score of 6.0 in every four tests of ILETS.  “

Meaning of every IELTS Score:

Band Score         Skill Level

9                              Expert User

8                              Very Good User

7                              Good User

6                              Competent User

5                              Modest User

4                              Limited User

3                              Extremely Limited User

2                              Intermittent User

1                              Non-User

0                              Did Not Attempt The Test

Documents required for the Study Visa in Canada

Although the need for document set varies from country to country, here we will discuss some of the mandatory documents. Without wasting any time this is the list of basic documents which are required for the education visa in Canada.

  • Passport
  • Passport-size photographs
  • letter of acceptance (unconditional)
  • Fees receipt
  • Scholarship letter (if applicable)
  • Any relevant correspondence
  • Financial documents
  • Academic documents
  • IELTS scores
  • Work experience certificates (if applicable)
  • Medical report

This documentation process can be a very complex procedure and without the guidance of a certified study visa consultant. it’s very difficult to complete it on time.

Step by step study Visa Process for Canada

Here is the complete process for study visa in Canada from India. You must follow every step in order to obtain your study visa. Canada has more than 90 universities, 150 colleges and technical institutes to prefer. They feature every programme that you dreamt of, but first, let’s see the process. According to expert counsellors of Globizz Overseas here are the few essential immigration processing steps:

  • Obtain Latter of Acceptance ( Offer Latter)
  • Pay tuition Fees to the education provider
  • Purchase of Guaranteed Investment Certificate
  • Visa Lodgment
  • Visa Outcome

These steps are the important steps for applying the education visa to Canada; For more information watch this video below:

How will Globizz help you in getting the study Visa?

We are one of the leading tourist & study visa Consultants in India, based in Chandigarh, Patiala andKarnal. At Globizz we have a team of experienced counsellors and visa experts who have assisted 10000+ successful applicants. We also provide visitor visa for Canada so that you can meet your loved ones in abroad.

  • Free Counselling Session, both telephonic and in Person.
  • Help in choosing the right college, related to your course selection.
  • Tracking the applications by staying in touch with the institution, on your behalf.
  • No Documentation charges, free documentation processing
  • No visa Filling Fees
  • Proof of English proficiency test
  • No need to visit, you can also reach us online

All of the above services are free of cost and we do not believe in making false promises. That’s why Globizz Overseas consultants are also known as the most trusted study visa consultants in Chandigarh

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Contact us for more detailed the requirements for study visa in Canada and also talk to our counsellors for free visa counselling.

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