Canada Spouse Visa helps to join your partner in Canada who is studying or working in Canada. This visa holder can work full time in Canada and can stay with their family. The visa validity is same upto like main applicant.

Canada Spouse Visa Consultant / Agent in Ludhiana

If you are married and currently in Canada as International Student or International Worker and wish to bring your spouse to Canada, you can Canadian Immigration provides visas to spouse under IMP ( International Mobility Program ), the visa is also known as an Open work Permit, Open refers to the non-requirement of an LMIA ( Labour Market Impact Assessment ) and one can join any employer in Canada and can find job as per own skills and choice.

With the visa a spouse know can join their partner in Canada and stay there for the period up to the visa of partner. The visa process is currently taking 25- 40 days. The application fee for this visa is 340 Canadian Dollars and the application is applied online.

At Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd Ludhiana we provide counselling services for Canada Spouse Visa and if you live nearby you can visit our branch at :
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Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd is one of the best consultants for Canada Study Visa consultants as per our clients with more than 1300 review on google it establish our commitment to our clients. With years of experience, we have handled a variety of cases with different situations and documentation work.

As we are approached by an clients we make sure to understand the complete profile and then we provide document checklists which an applicants needs to submit, all our services at Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd are online and for documentation submission the clients is not required to visit us, he can complete all documentation online. Once the required documentation is complete, our backend team starts workup on that application and all application are checked at 3 different stages to make sure that we have minimal human errors and finally we share the visa forms and other important letters with client and once its thoroughly checked with online application is submitted Canadian Immigration.

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Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd Ludhiana office

We at Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd are delighted to share that our new branch in Ludhiana is fully operative and we extending our services even closer to you.
Location: Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd SCF 41-F, 2nd Floor, Durga Mata Mandir Rd, Sunet, GHS Sunet, Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab 141012 for google location of the branch you can click

At Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd, our commitment to providing exceptional services has led us to expand our reach, since the beginning of operation at the Ludhiana office we have had lots of people visited us and we have already got lots of successful applications done. The branch holds a valid licence from the local authorities. At this new facility, you can visit or can call us to know about different visas and now you can also ask for a Zoom meeting for online counselling, the branch is equipped to provide online services to all its client and has state-of-the-art facilities and a team of dedicated professionals ready to assist you with the utmost care and expertise. Here you can expect counselling for :

  • Study visa for Canada, UK, New Zealand and the USA
  • Canada Spouse Visa
  • Visitor Visa for Canada, UK, USA and Australia
  • Canada Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore our new location. As always, your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we look forward to serving you even better at our new branch.

Stay connected with us for updates and for more queries you can call us at 9815519860 (call between 10 am till 5 PM working days) and our landline number is 0161-4076824

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Canada Study & Spouse Visa Together Under Concurrent Visa

Hello friends,
If you are married & wish to apply for Canada student Visa & further wish to take your spouse & children with you then apply your application under concurrent visa & you can plan to travel together to Canada, its important to know important details about how to start , when to start & who are eligible under this policy & what are the requirements.

What is Concurrent Visa
The word concurrent means together & with concurrent visa you can apply & move to Canada together with your spouse & kids. The reason why lots of people prefer applying under concurrent visa is the opportunity it provides of applying & travelling to Canada together, as earlier the main applicant ` student ` use to go to Canada initially & then it use apply visa for its spouse & children’s which normally use to take months & some time years for decisions. So now under concurrent visa all the applications are applied same time & the main applicant gets student visa , Spouse get Canada Spouse Open Work Permit & kids get visitor visa.

Reason why people could not apply together:

Majority of study abroad consultants do student visa only & many doesn’t even know that spouse & kids can accompany the main applicant to Canada. We are the largest consultation company doing student visa & we do highest number of Canada Spouse open work permit Visas & other Dependent Visa; accordingly we have team of experts to do concurrent visa & that’s the reason we promote concurrent visa. We have lots of clients who already got their visas under concurrent Visa policy & travelled to Canada together.

Things to remember :
In concurrent Visa please remember that there are three types of visas involved student Visa, Work Visa & Visit Visa so this has been experienced that though all the visa application applied same time but student get approval first, followed by Spouse visa & kids visa. Some of our applicants have got visa together same day also but why i took this point. as you plan to apply together so you have to give ample time to each process & then only your plan of travelling together can work properly. There are three important things which should be taken into consideration while applying :

* The right intake
* Timeline of current visa results
* Admission to a DLI institution offering PGWP

How to begin :
Once you made your mind for applying, start with the admission process of main applicant to Canadian institution of your choice & applicants who have already got their admission letters of their own or from any consultant then they can start the process of Visa filling for all the applicants.

Important visa filling documents:
For student visa there is no specific documents requirement; just follow the checklist as per SDS or Generic Category. For spouse visa you need put your funds document to confirm availability of money for the trip & Income documents confirming ongoing earnings and most importantly documents confirm your marriage & ongoing relationship. For your kids make sure to put Date of Birth certificate.

Remember if any documents is not in english that need to be translated & then use, For funds calculation is different for each application as there are lots of factors which are considered the length of course of main applicant, total number of applicants.

How we can help you.
We provide online counselling for this visa type & you can book your appointment via call or Whatsapp us. Our team will provide you with all the details in regard to this visa.

For discussing your application you can book a Zoom Meeting appointment by calling +919815519600 or you can WhatsApp

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How to Apply Canada Study Visa & Spouse Visa Together

Concurrent Visa Policy

Concurrent Visa policy in Canada provides an opportunity to apply for student & Dependent (Spouse & Childrens) visa together. The main applicant gets a student Visa, Spouse get Canada Spouse Open Work Permit & Kids gets a Visitor Visa.

We at Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd provide this facility to our clients & guide them on how to apply for student Visa & dependent visa together, though the application process involves lots of planning in regards to documentation & admission intakes, with complete discussion a tailor-made solution to each applicant is provided & if someone plans to apply under this visa policy, we suggest them to start their process as early as possible to avoid further delays.

The majority of applicants who have applied for visa separately like first study Visa & then after some time dependents visa & in this process the family union took a lot of time & due to current delays in Canadian Immigration application workups the delays are at an all-time high. We came across some applicants where the delay was more than 20 months. Spouse dependent visa which is also known as Canada spouse Open work Permit visa is a category where delays had been too much.

In our opinion, if you qualify to apply for your spouse & dependent visa together then you should apply under concurrent visa policy & can make up together. The documentation is very simple though there are some limitations & special requirements so we advise such applicants to get in touch with our team & know more about how to apply efficiently. Interested applicants can book Skype & other online meetings with our team simply by calling 9815519600 or sending us a WhatsApp.

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Canada is the most desired country for immigrants; you are on Student Visa or Work Visa status in Canada & once you start getting settle; you wish your family members to join you & stay with you. Canada provides a facility where any student studying a full time program at any DLI list institution & a program which offers Post Graduate Work Permit PGWP after studies or any one having a valid work permit and working NOC Level 0, A or B job can apply Open Work Permit for their spouse & visitor visa for their Children’s. With introduction of SDS visa system by Canada ; which is now extended to countries like Antigua, Barbuda, Brazil, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, St.Vincent, Grenadines, Trinidad, Tobago,  Vietnam, India . The rush of applicants have been on all time high & accorindly spouse visa application have also increased. Lately due to Covid-19 break through the visa section have been affected badly and also the delay in decision was seen. In recent days its been observed that there had been huge number of Canada Spouse Visa applicants who have been called by Canadian Embassy in many countries for interviews, as it was all a sudden & the applicants are also not ready & prepared hence a feel of helplessness is there. 

 Interview Questions (Canada Spouse Open Work Permit):

Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd is one of the top immigration company which deals in Canada Spouse Visa or also mentioned as Canada Spouse Open Work Permit applications since many years, so we came up with this idea of empowering all Canada Spouse Visa applicants who have been called for an interview, we have made this video, this will guide them about the complete interview process in detail & have also prepared & enclosed in video description a list of sample questions which could be asked during their Interview. The video will be very helpful for people who have applied Canada Spouse Visa & live in countries like Antigua, Barbuda, Brazil, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, St.Vincent, Grenadines, Trinidad, Tobago,  Vietnam, India as majority of applicants are from these countries & we have also made subtitles available in different languages like English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, Filipino, French, Vietnamese so that people can enjoy the content of this video in their regional language & take the maximum benefit. Anyone having a query can DM us.

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Delays in Canada Visa decisions & What you can do

Delays in Canada Visa decisions & What you can do ?

If things were to believe ; as per one of the leading Canadian news agency CIC news they have uploaded one data (which they claim to be obtained from IRCC) Canada Immigration has aprox 1.8 million + visa applications pending with them, this includes all categories of visa & Visa extension of onshore & offshore applicants; let it be Canada Student Visa, Work Visa, Family Visa, Visitor Visa etc. The big question is why this blockage happened & what will happen to the decisions & till when this table could be cleared & most important what you can do to expedite your application.

Inventory as of October 27, 2021 by Application Type (in Persons)


Though it was only Canada which was attracting applications even during lockdown & people from whole world applied & eventually made the numbers grow so high: Canadian System was not ready ? or due to unexpected rise in applications the number game some where getting affected & they could not make it whom to give visa & whom not. It is understood & obvious that during lockdown Canadian Immigration offices were partially opened & the work force & capacity was at all time low as majority of officer were not attending office, though work from home news was also there, but changes still takes time for settlement & finally resettlements. Now the life has started coming to normal but the new worry is of application blockage so how it will be managed is a worry some situation.
This all is well known to every one but what one can do to expedite his/her application, understanding opinions of people it is learnt that work on applications have already started but as applications have been in the system for long so to set priority by ourself is best way, this you can do by updating Embassy with changes happened to your personal circumstances, address, communication details etc (if any ), also in case your application was sponsored then if any changes in Visa status of your sponsor happened; it highly recommended to update it to embassy via web forms.

Recently we have seen that lots of people specially Canada Spouse Open Work Permit applicants have got email where some addition updated documents have been demanded by Embassy these documents are related to the financial documents & proof of ongoing relationships with there inviter/sponsor spouse living in Canada. In majority of Canada Spouse visa application the status of many sponsors have changed: like when the application was made the sponsor was student & know he/she has got Work Permit so in all such cases its good if we update these details with suitable proof to Embassy & also get prepared that we could be required to submit additional documents. We have been regularly updating these details on our social media platforms & you can join us for more latest updates on visa outcomes.
we suggest you to get connected to us.

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