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How to Apply Canada Study Visa & Spouse Visa Together

Concurrent Visa Policy

Concurrent Visa policy in Canada provides an opportunity to apply for student & Dependent (Spouse & Childrens) visa together. The main applicant gets a student Visa, Spouse get Canada Spouse Open Work Permit & Kids gets a Visitor Visa.

We at Globizz Overseas Consultants (P) Ltd provide this facility to our clients & guide them on how to apply for student Visa & dependent visa together, though the application process involves lots of planning in regards to documentation & admission intakes, with complete discussion a tailor-made solution to each applicant is provided & if someone plans to apply under this visa policy, we suggest them to start their process as early as possible to avoid further delays.

The majority of applicants who have applied for visa separately like first study Visa & then after some time dependents visa & in this process the family union took a lot of time & due to current delays in Canadian Immigration application workups the delays are at an all-time high. We came across some applicants where the delay was more than 20 months. Spouse dependent visa which is also known as Canada spouse Open work Permit visa is a category where delays had been too much.

In our opinion, if you qualify to apply for your spouse & dependent visa together then you should apply under concurrent visa policy & can make up together. The documentation is very simple though there are some limitations & special requirements so we advise such applicants to get in touch with our team & know more about how to apply efficiently. Interested applicants can book Skype & other online meetings with our team simply by calling 9815519600 or sending us a WhatsApp.

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