Best Steps to Get a US Study Visa

US Study Visa – Every year, you can find several students wishing to apply to a university in the US. The practical approach to education combined with world-renowned degrees makes the trip more than worth it. If too wish to pursue higher education in the US, your grades alone aren’t going to help you with this. While your good grades and a good score in the SAT/ACT will help you get admission in the university of your choice, you will still need to get a US study visa before you can go. A great way to get this set up is to rely on USA Study Visa Consultants in Patiala, however it is also important to be aware of the steps required to get the visa. They are:

Get Admission in a US University

  • The first step required for getting a study visa is to get admission in a US University. This will allow you to easily go through the entire process.

Request for the Required Form

  • You will need to request the University for the required form which can be Form I-20 for F-1 and M-1 visa students, and Form DS-2009 for J-1 visa students.

Pay I-901 SEVIS Fee

  • Once you have received the required form, you can pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee on their website. The fee for Form I-20 is $200, and $180 for Form DS-2009. Students applying for a short-term J-1 visa will be required to pay only $35.

Find the Nearest Embassy to You

  • Your application for your US Study Visa will be processed from the US Embassy. Your USA Study Visa Consultants in Patiala can help you with finding the nearest US Embassy and getting an appointment there.

Fill Form DS-160

  • With all your documents at hand, you will need to fill the form DS-160. This is the main application for a US Visa.

Schedule an Interview

  • You can use your consultant’s help to contact the embassy for an interview. You may need to prepare extensively for the interview, but most consultancies prepare their students for these interviews.

Pay the Application Fee

  • The visa application few is $160 for everyone and will need to be paid at the consultancy.

Attend the Interview

  • Now the final step is to attend the visa interview. You must carry all your documents with you and answer each question honestly. You should also state that you do not intend to stay in the US after your program.

Receive the Visa

  • After the interview is successful, you will receive your passport back with the US Study Visa in it.
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